Snooker Your Competition In 2023... 

How To Fix The Only 3 Statistically Indicated Weak Points In Modern Startup For Scale

Note: The live webinar is being prepared — in the mean time I've pre-recorded a mini presentation which you can watch immediately, and I will also notify you when we have live webinar dates soon. Enjoy the presentation.

Covered in this free workshop for Growth leaders and senior stakeholders

  • 3 statistical causes of startup failure — and why facing them head-on NOW is the only way to survive beyond 2023  
  • The single most proven solution for reliable growth — yet so few teams realize the gap before its too late
  • The 'team trust factor' that becomes crucial when you realize your team members have significant blind spots — and they all do
  • What 15+ years of varied professional experience across product teams and marketing taught me about commercial strategy for genuine and scalable startup traction — it's not what you'd expect
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About the presenter

Gavriel Shaw
Director of Cyclic Media, Inc.

Blending product and launch strategy, team building and leadership best practice, with conversion funnel optimization, leading to tactical execution for scalable campaign management. 

Previous professional roles include:

Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Growth, Head of Marketing, eCommerce Director, Web Marketing Director, Agile Coach, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Product Manager, SEO Manager, Scrum Master, and Senior Copywriter.


Joost Schouten

Founder, Nestr

Gavriel supported us in sharpening our business case and pitch.

He has a razor sharp eye and always manages to focus in on the areas of concern your business needs to pay attention to.

Running a business is all about managing your time so you prioritise the right things. Prioritise Gav and you won't be disappointed :-)

Jerome Kelsey

Founder, freeos

Gavriel has amazingly sharp insights into marketing, and business acumen.

He has a special gift to be able to break these insights down clearly. His mentorship and generosity is unmatched.

We are extremely grateful to have Gavriel interface with, and guide our senior leadership team to increasing levels of success.

We cannot imagine having a more suitable marketing and business advisor to work with, and I personally cannot imagine how he would not be able to bring massive, transformational value to almost any organisation that wishes to improve their operations, or thinking.

Sterlin Lujan

risk specialist, CCAS, CISC

Gavriel is a marketing genius.

He especially excels in the crypto and fintech space, where he not only understands how to market sophisticated technologies, but he also grasps the complexities of navigating the space and maintaining forward momentum in a fast changing environment.

Gav is also a team player who leverages his skills to get things done. He also comes equipped with characteristic British humor that is needed in almost any fintech/crypo team.

If you ever have a chance to work with Gavriel you won't be disappointed. He is a master of his art and works hard to meet goals and take care of his clients.

He is one of my favorite people to work alongside.