A Notion Template For Product-Led Growth

Built For The Needs Of Speed, Team Collaboration, & Best Practice In Product-Led Organizations

Addressing 2023 'Growing Pains'

  • Team members aren't organized or collaborating well on prioritized projects —  getting lost in the sea of work management tools such as Asana, Clickup, Monday.com, Trello, etc — and the maze of new AI tooling.
  • Knowledge gaps and lack of commercial experience within your startup team cost months or even years of wasted efforts due to failed starts and inefficient process in determining the shortest path to traction.
  • Investors and customers have a hard time trusting the credibility of your team nor product vision or performance because it's simply not presented in the way they have come to expect in today's sophisticated marketplace. 

Knowledge With Process Is Power

Imagine a tool that combines cutting edge documentation, with fill-in-the-blank templates, and operational project/task management, for achieving product-led growth. 

Now that competition crushing magical startup success tool is real and available for you immediately from this page — forged on the frontlines across dozens of startup scenarios over 15 years. 

What's inside:

Notion has become very easy to use for managing documentation, projects, tasks and team wiki's. 

The Cyclic Growth Framework template for Notion has a ready-made selection of best practice workflows for all areas of product-led growth.

Strategy of Funnel

  • Risk Management
  • Product Planning
  • Journey Mapping
  • Brand Positioning
  • Customer Profiling
  • Competitor Takedown

Top of Funnel

  • Search
  • Multi-Media Channels
  • Performance Ads

Middle of Funnel

  • Lead Nurture
  • Campaign Calendars
  • Retargeting

Bottom of Funnel

  • Pricing Model
  • Community Development

Operations of Funnel

  • Analytics & Attribution
  • Project Management
  • Sales Motions
  • Copywriting
  • Content Matrix
  • Always Be Testing
  • Product Launch

Scale of Funnel

  • Recruitment
  • Team Culture
  • Market Development


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About The Author

I'm not an academic, nor did I have any network to get me into senior positions. I began marketing to earn pocket money in the late 1990's and took everything very seriously. 

SEO before the days of Google. Automation before it was a 'thing' (using the first commercially available email autoresponder software). Social Media Marketing before Twitter or Facebook. You get the idea. I maintain a healthy life and rhythm, but I'm more of an 'old timer' than I look. 

That double decade commercial experience now includes agile product management startup launch management.

I completed work on a Cyclic Growth Framework in 2021 and am now publishing it in this Notion Template for 2023 with continuous refinements.

If you are a startup leader this framework will give you an eagle eye view  in all planning and review meetings with your team.    

Gavriel Shaw