Social Marketing Campaigns

More than just a series of Tweets and Facebook updates, social marketing campaigns can be highly strategic.

Not only supporting brand preference within your target audience, but also helping you build customer insight with new ideas for content marketing that will put you ahead of your competition. 

Cyclic Media, Inc. approaches social marketing with the 'conversation' in mind, not just a social publishing calendar. 

We work to nurture a deep connection with your audience through a variety of social marketing methods including

  • New content campaigns
  • Trending topics conversation
  • Viral contests where relevant for deeper community and customer engagement

Social Marketing Concepts

Social Marketing is typically seen as a way to support customer retention, while adding credibility to the way new customers see your brand. 

We take a strategic approach, which means not seeing 'social' as entirely separate to other marketing channels. Social done right should support all other marketing campaigns for leveraged success. 

For example, tying organic social to paid social (paid ads on social platforms) helps leverage the results of each technique — such as by 'boosting' Facebook posts for low-cost visibility with a lookalike audience. 

Social Marketing Skills

The team at Cyclic Media combines multi-channel marketing techniques to provide a deeply authentic approach to social media marketing. 

This involves copywriting, customer research, content marketing, event management, and even customer support to ensure the integrity of brand conversation when making replies to conversations on social channels.  

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