Achieving top positions in Google is achievable for any type of business. On this page we'll share some of the secret sauce we use to make it happen, including: 

  • Technical SEO 
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-site SEO

Cyclic Media prides itself on a long history of SEO success. On this page we'll share some of the factors that have helped us dominate search results for clients large and small. 

SEO Services from Cyclic Media, Inc. 

SEO can provide a long-term low-cost source of targeted traffic for your business. Popular digital marketing blogs will have any Marketing Manager believe they can 'do it in-house'. 

However, the opportunity cost of learning up-to-date skills, buying all the necessary software tools, and investing the time to entirely re-consider the architecture of your site, is more than most internal marketing teams have time for.  

Let's start with...

SEO Site Architecture

Grouping similar types of content is still one of the most under-utilised SEO techniques by brands today. 

Planning a new site-map is a major project, which needs to consider the full keyword map of your market, plotted against the current strength of your competition. 

This also need to be factored into the existing set-up of your site so a migration plan can be agreed that will not interfere with user experience. 

SEO Content 

Based on the new architecture, there many be a set of 10 to 20 topics that require in-depth content to be produced — sufficient in length and subject expertise to impress the day lights out of Google's search engine spiders. 

Beyond that core content, SEO requires supporting content that is drip fed onto the site over time to support and maintain your search positions as well as expanding into the long-tail of related keywords. 

SEO Backlink Service

Many services exist, from pricey to budget, that promise to supply a large variety of backlinks to your site, sourced from blog networks, publishing sites, social networks, and more. We advise caution as many SEO backlink services are either outright scams, very low quality, or too random to actually make a strong impact on your search engine positions. 

We take a more targeted approach, sourcing quality links that fit in with the overall SEO strategy of your site while directly relating to what Google sees from your competitors. 

SEO Secret Sauce: Social Signals

If you've been keeping up to date with Google Algorithm changes, you'll know that SEO success very much depends on your social media strategy. 

The 'social signals' not only give lots of high quality backlinks, but also show Google that your brand is liked by a real community of people. 

How you structure the content on your site via navigation (known as 'information architecture'), and how you plan your content marketing for social media engagement, are vital for SEO success. 

SEO Targets

To be number 1 in Google you only need to do a little bit more optimization than whoever is currently number 1 for each particular keyword.

Our goal is to demonstrate to Google that your page should be up at the top of search results because of highly relevant and engaging content for each specific search term used by your audience. 

SEO Results

Results our team has obtained with Search Engine Optimisation stretch as far back as 2007. 

SEO client example 1

The first big breakthrough came for a client site www.loan.co.uk — a very lucrative website owned by the largest independent loan brokerage in the UK at the time.

Two and a half months after the new search engine optimised site launched, the home page ranked at position 4 in Google for the word 'loan', before in fact moving up to position 3.

The contract ended due to the credit crunch at the time, and without maintenance it slowly dropped back down the rankings (position 19 as shown in the screenshot).

SEO client example 2

An Australian client at the time hit the number 2 spot for the term 'online advertising agency' back in mid 2006... 

Below is a letter of thanks received from Daniel Lew for the SEO consultancy we provided. Daniel is himself a web designer and search engine optimizer, and runs several world-wide business-and-search directories with clients for web design, SEO, etc.

Here's what he said about our work.

Hi Gav,
I need to write to tell you that I can't thank you enough for all the online marketing tools and strategies you provided me with in order to really be noticed in this highly competitive Search Engine Placement and Online Advertizing industry.
Something you don't know is that I have already been in the advertising and online business for 12 years. Seeking some profitable guidance from leading experts in SEO and highly useful marketing strategies is when I came across you and very quickly I started to benefit from your unique online marketing system.
I am seeing some amazing SEO results, not to mention being on the first page of Google under so many useful keywords that relate to my website and sites that I have put together for my customers. Along with the ever increasing amount of enquiries with an online business that is really profitting in such a short time.
Here are a list of 2 recent customers websites which have benefited from SEO as a result of what you have shown me.
tourthai2000.com Google ranks: tour thai - 1st page, thailand holiday tour - 1st page, thailand travel agent - 2nd page, thailand travel tour - 2nd page, pleasure holiday - 1st page
condobangkok.com Google ranks: bangkok condominiums 1st page, condominiums bangkok 1st page, thailand real estate 2nd page.
Your tips on keyword software, anchor text tips, external link building tips, high PR level building and much more you advised me on I've used to get some awesome results and without this I don't know how I would have succeeded.
I also wanted to give you a personal thank you for the idea of rebranding my identity that was also in the pipeline, and the choice of domain name that was going to most suit.
I cannot thank you enough for the guidance leading to my success.
Daniel Lew (Director)
Online Advertising Agency
PS. You can certainly expect to see me as a long term client.

Daniel has since gone on to become CEO of an existing cryptocurrency project https://metamorph.pro 

SEO Performance 

Measuring your SEO can include metrics such as: 

  • Average position in Google for commercially relevant keywords. 
  • Click volume and click-through rate for organic search traffic.
  • Click quality (conversion rates and ideally bounce rates to compare landing page effectiveness).
  • Outcomes (sales, registrations or leads).
  • Costs (CPC and CPA).
  • Profitability (based on cost of sale on lifetime value models).

SEO Strategy White Paper

Search engine optimisation white paper authored by Gavriel, Cyclic Media's Strategy Director, in 2007. Still very relevant today, this white paper 'cuts through some of the smoke and mirrors' surrounding SEO, and whilst a little complex, exposes the genuine complexity and considerations that good SEO must consider. 

Search Engine Optimisation White Paper by Gavriel Shaw

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