Does your company or project want to manage their business while mitigating risk and staying compliant? 

In the broad field of risk management and regulatory compliance, there are 4 predominant categories of risk:

  • Financial risk

  • Legal risk

  • Regulatory risk

  • Reputational risk

Many cryptocurrency and fintech firms have a tendency to only think in terms of monetary loss or financial risk for them or their customers. But do they consider the legal, regulatory, or reputational risk associated with various cryptocurrencies, defi projects, or other risks associated with emergent tech?

At Cyclic Risk Management, we’ll ensure you stay ahead of the growth curve to prevent your project from incurring loss, violating regulatory or securities rules, and keeping you up to date with changes in the regulatory landscape. We focus on what is called a “risk-based approach” Through this approach, you’ll receive a variety of services:

  1. Craft and manage a bespoke risk management and compliance framework for your project.

  2. Conduct risk assessment

  3. Assure guidelines are put into place to adhere to industry standards and rules, including AML and KYC guidelines, and current security laws (which include cryptocurrency due diligence). 

  4. Receive weekly or monthly compliance reporting

  5. Investigate any breaches into your system or backend

  6. Provide support for corrective actions and risk mitigation

  7. Conduct EDD (enhanced due diligence) as necessary for new vendors, products, or customers. 

  8. Access to Blockchain analytical and forensics tools for transactional alerts and monitoring. 

  9. Protect the company against potential reputational risk and harm outside the scope of financial and legal responsibilities. 

Today, many crypto firms, especially within DeFi, balk at risk management and compliance. It’s often seen as the enemy of progress, growth, and decentralization. Where these critiques are often true, governments around the world are tightening their grip on crypto, and they have high expectations that crypto companies comply or face civil and criminal penalties. Here is a list of some actions taken by the SEC against crypto companies: https://www.sec.gov/spotlight/cybersecurity-enforcement-actions

At Cylic Risk Management, our goal is to ensure you meet regulatory requirements so that we can protect you and your company from security, fines, or jail time.

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