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The Startup Flywheel for Small Business Acceleration

This masterclass is for you if:  

  • You're an online business owner with some level of success and serious intent to expand with more staff for sales, marketing  and beyond. 
  • You have some familiarity with marketing but not confident you have a genuinely professional approach in what you're currently doing.
  • You have time to learn but don't have time to waste on fluffy long-winded courses invented by youngster marketers who have become recent marketing gurus by selling courses on marketing without it being time-tested in other service industries over years... that is to say, the Flywheel is created with brevity in mind based on a 15-year  professional product and marketing career. 

The Startup Flywheel is my best attempt after 15-years product management and marketing in small to medium size companies to produce a primer for small business success as succinctly as possible. 

It offers a mix of principles, techniques, and key learnings that can help you formalize a sensible and comprehensive approach to growing your small business.   

At just $67 it will save you a very steep and expensive learning curve without all the years of typical trial and error. 

The Startup Flywheel provides a principled approach to business planning, rather than following each new temporary fad such as Facebook ads, Instagram social posts, or one-trick pony 'conversion funnels' as popularized online. 

With the Flywheel you'll have strategic topics to reference back to and research over time as you build your skill set for modern business growth. 

Masterclass: Startup Flywheel

How To Avoid Product Market Flop — The Art of Strategic Patience for Small Business Success. A Cyclic Approach To Startup Success Despite Infinite Uncertainty

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Gavriel Shaw

Gavriel Shaw has published a range of content since the late 90s, always searching for leverage to break the status quo.