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The 7 Meetings Protocol — Invisible High-Performance Team Management

If you are fortunate enough to be in a managerial role with flexibility to guide your team to success...

...you'll know that sometimes your job feels like trying to herd cats through a snow storm, blindfolded, with your legs tied at the ankles. 

This masterclass is for you if: 

  • You manage a team — or want to get a management position in an existing business
  • You feel challenged to get the most of your team without resorting to dictatorship. 
  • You want your team members to be as autonomous and self-responsible as possible while aligning with overall business goals and collaborating with fellow peers. 
  • You prefer a principled logical step-by-step approach to creating a productive team culture compared to the guess work typical of managing teams. 

This masterclass was left unpublished for almost 10 years as I couldn't bring myself to promote something that felt more like theory than a proven method. 

Now having managed teams of 18+ people and worked across another dozen of so industries, I have updated the program for 2023 and proud to see managers being able to make use of this effective method that is proving the test of time. 

Your approach to manage teams will be forever upgraded with The 7 Meetings Protocol for Invisible High-Performance Team Management.

Masterclass: The 7 Meetings Protocol

We're about to put your team through the ringer. And they won’t suspect a thing. In fact, they will soon thank you for the re-invigoration of their working life.

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