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Why Never To Send Your Pitch Deck To A VC — Even If They Beg

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Why this is make or break for hundreds of startups each year

My experience from 2 VC startups: 

  • How to stand out from the crowd of founders when contacting investors
  • Why sending your pitch deck is likely the worse thing you can do
  • The mistake that both founders and VC's are making to sabotage each others success

If You Send Pitch Deck's To Investors — STOP!

It's likely the kiss of death for your funding potential.

Sending a pitch deck is NEVER the positive first impression that you want to make.

And VC's themselves keep making the mistake of inviting you to send your deck without asking you to present it yourself on a call. 

Investor Outreach With Confidence

This Investor Primer Masterclass guides you in creating an investor primer you can email to investors with absolute confidence that it will make the very best possible first impression — and prime the investor to want to meet with you asap and take you very seriously when you do. 

Become Pitch Pro

The amateur approach of asking if they're interested to see a pitch... or worse.. sending your pitch deck slides (even if they ask for them)... will now be a mistake buried in the past. 

This is the single best way to attract genuine investor interest from the very first outreach message or follow up after an introduction. 

Masterclass: The Investor Primer

The secret sauce that will maximize your hit rate with investor outreach. Why this is make or break for hundreds of startups each year. 

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