Headhunting for A Hands-On Head of Growth Or Strategic Product Marketer?

If you want a Commercially Experienced, strategically Mindful, operationally savvy, self-starter and team player To Optimize Traction & Help Prepare For Scale — I'm Your Guy:

Few growth marketers can actually lay claim to having been at the helm of rapid startup scale.

I have built and led teams from scratch while adding over a million users at closely measured customer acquisition costs.

Scale doesn't happen by accident, but it can be orchestrated by finding the essential user journey in a blaze of marketing tests anchored with 15-years of real-world commercial experience. 

Previous Roles

Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Marketing, eCommerce Director, Web Marketing Director, Agile Coach, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Product Manager, SEO Manager, Scrum Master, Product Launch Coordinator, and Senior Copywriter.

As Head of Marketing for bitcoin debit card provider Wirex in 2017 I grew the marketing function to 18, was on the Senior Management Team, and scaled Wirex to 1.5MM users. 

Our designer branded me 'the growth pirate' because I adopted 'pirate metrics' using the acronym AARRR (sounding much like a pirate!) which stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral. 

Operationally Savvy

I do not take the easy road of sitting in a role for the power and prestige.

I get down and dirty with the details to optimize and re-optimize the most efficient funnel for engagement and growth. 

Full-stack digital marketing for sophisticated omni-channel acquisition campaigns, spanning search, paid, social, PR, partner/affiliate, and CRM.

Copywriting, Messaging, Product Marketing

No growth hacker is worth their weight in salt if they can not write long-form ads that convert cold leads into sales. I can.

Writing ads captures the skill of product marketing to deeply understand the target audience, match the product experience to actual needs, and communicate the tangible benefits that makes the prospect take action.

I learned direct response sales copywriting from the best of the best.

Sales Motions

Hybrid: Designing sales nurture programs starting with MQLs (marketing qualifies leads) through to SQLs (sales qualified leads) including ABM opportunity development. 

Purely Product-Led: From front-end customer acquisition through to upsells and lifetime expansion and consolidation. 

Fanatic About Testing

My secret sauce? 

Frankly, I believe it's my tenacity to use split testing in the early 2000's which gave me keen commercial perspective and good gut instincts, plus the  humility to always verify through test campaigns before committing significant budget for scale. 

Product Management Workflow & Agile Methodology

Having worked as Product Manager, Agile Coach and Scrum Master, I can interface well with product teams to explore new user flows and UX interviews for feature prototyping and customer validation before committing resource to actual build. It's the R in R&D.  

Venture Capital Experience

Work with 2 VCs including running a VC startup incubator with 60 participants over the course of a year helped to confirm my hunches about gaps that startups have in commercial strategy for market traction.  

Where it all began...

I have been marketing since my mid-teens in the days before Facebook and Google ever existed. 

Culminating in Customer-Led Growth

Whether it's sales-led for high-ticket or product-led for SaaS, the modern art of growth marketing is to understand the customer so well that growth is driven by responding to  the precise experience customers need at each stage of the AARRR funnel or sales motion.

  • Customer Scenario Mapping & Jobs To Be Done Framework
  • Flow Prototyping & Funnel Testing
  • Continuous Optimization for Campaign Scale

Adaptable Team Player

About halfway through my career journey I began to realize the value of true team work. 

Putting aside the competitive 'get it done' attitude of my earlier career experience, I learned about distributed decision-making, shared ownership, and that Together, Everyone Achieves More.

Now I come with a down to earth and approachable style of collaboration, with tenacious commitment to the shared learning curve we go through as a startup in constantly changing market conditions. 

We are always learning together.

In Summary

Commercial Focus

A profitable conversion funnel was how I was introduced to the art and science of digital marketing. Today, I account for the full product life cycle, product launch, and market expansion — with lean budget management every step of the way.

Creative Flair

Understanding the right message for the right audience at the right time of in their buying journey requires as much creativity as it does analytics. Thinking out of the box to source 10X opportunities for growth.

Stakeholder Alignment

Command and control management is old skool. I use multi-stakeholder decision making as a way to maximize role ownership and synergy across teams to benefit from collective intelligence.


Joost Schouten

Founder, Nestr

Gavriel supported us in sharpening our business case and pitch.

He has a razor sharp eye and always manages to focus in on the areas of concern your business needs to pay attention to.

Running a business is all about managing your time so you prioritise the right things. Prioritise Gav and you won't be disappointed :-)

Jerome Kelsey

Founder, freeos

Gavriel has amazingly sharp insights into marketing, and business acumen.

He has a special gift to be able to break these insights down clearly. His mentorship and generosity is unmatched.

We are extremely grateful to have Gavriel interface with, and guide our senior leadership team to increasing levels of success.

We cannot imagine having a more suitable marketing and business advisor to work with, and I personally cannot imagine how he would not be able to bring massive, transformational value to almost any organisation that wishes to improve their operations, or thinking.

Sterlin Lujan

risk specialist, CCAS, CISC

Gavriel is a marketing genius.

He especially excels in the crypto and fintech space, where he not only understands how to market sophisticated technologies, but he also grasps the complexities of navigating the space and maintaining forward momentum in a fast changing environment.

Gav is also a team player who leverages his skills to get things done. He also comes equipped with characteristic British humor that is needed in almost any fintech/crypo team.

If you ever have a chance to work with Gavriel you won't be disappointed. He is a master of his art and works hard to meet goals and take care of his clients.

He is one of my favorite people to work alongside.

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