Introduction To Cyclic Media, Inc.

Cyclic Media's approach to 'growth hacking' involves 5 components: 

  1. Lean Growth Model — Pillars of Success 
  2. Solving the Growth Problem — Pursue The Bottleneck
  3. Lifecycle Marketing with Pirate Metrics
  4. Incremental Improvement drives Geometric Results
  5. An Iterative Cyclic Growth Framework

This is key background to understanding how we work with clients. Summarised as follows:

3 Pillars of Success

Successful and sustainable growth very much depends on the cross-over between 'marketing', 'product', and 'customer experience'. 

Applying 'lean startup methodology' our growth model includes: 

  • Customer Development via a focus on the market place and customer insight to develop 'problem solution fit' (a prototype confirmation that our product vision has commercial viability). 
  • Customer Creation via a focus on marketing and product development, pursuing the trendy catchphrase of 'product market fit' (when we achieve traction in the market and sales are coming in consistently). 
  • Customer Virality via a focus on product and customer experience, where Word-Of-Mouth referrals can achieve a rapid increase, therefore reducing the dependency on push marketing. The holy grail of growth.

Solving the Growth Problem: Pursuing The Bottleneck

We can not emphasise strongly enough the importance of going a step at a time to build the foundations of 'problem solution fit' in the run up to 'product market fit' BEFORE committing large marketing budgets. 

Getting product right in the first place makes marketing success viable. 

Growth involves solving the bottleneck or 'weakest link in the chain' as an iterative process. Always checking the risks, assumptions, status, and priorities — across product, marketing and customer experience through the entire customer journey.

Lifecycle Marketing & Pirate Metrics — 'AARRR'

Popularised as 'pirate metrics', we track every touch point in the customer journey from 'Acquisition', 'Activation', 'Retention', 'Revenue', and 'Referral'.

The essence of pirate metrics becomes clear with 5 questions:

  1. How do we identify and attract our target audience? 
  2. What is the first experience that activates customers?
  3. What drives repeat usage and sales?
  4. What approach to pricing best serves the customer and the bottom line?
  5. How can word-of-mouth referrals be best encouraged?  

How Incremental Improvements Lead to Geometric Growth...

Consider this table. By multiplying the rows we arrive at the score on the right hand side. 15,000 and 480,000. Think of those scores as 'business value units'. 

To achieve a 31x improvement we only had to 2x each of the 5 pirate metrics. An achievable goal for any business.

This is how incremental results across the full customer journey can add up to a geometric increase in growth. 

The Cyclic Media, Inc. Growth Framework includes 3 iterative cycles of improvement.

The Cyclic Growth Framework

Adapted from the Software Development Life Cycle 

Begin with...

Cycle 1 — Experience Design

Answering the fundamental question: What is the best possible business model (including revenue, customer value proposition, and operational process) based on market trends, company mission and product vision to direct business priorities?

Progress to...

Cycle 2 — Market Traction

Blending 3 critical areas:
1. Customer — What really makes them tick? Pains, Gains, and their Willingness To Pay...
2. Product — Journey Mapping, Roadmap, Milestones, Risk Mitigation
3. Launch — Key Messaging, Go-To-Market Plan, Budget Controls

Arrive at...

Cycle 3 — Growth Innovation

Deep customer engagement, product analytics, and scale for rapid iteration of customer experience throughout the entire customer journey and product lifecycle. 

If you are keen to launch or accelerate with geometric growth in mind, request a tailor-made proposal from our team.

Growth priority examples

Here's a few samples of how we form objectives during client onboarding. 

Repeat Customers

Outcome 2a. Customers buy again and again:

  • Opportunity: Review the current repeat purchase rate and current customer follow-up campaigns from product to product.
  • DeliverablesExpand CRM automation and checkout experience with one-click upsells. Re-targeting campaigns to invite existing customers to view additional products.

New Customer Acquisition

Outcome 2b. New Visitor Lead Generation & Front-End Sales:

  • Opportunity 1: There are countless keyword opportunities from Google Search related to various healing and peak performance modalities.
  • DeliverablesReview SEO agency work and fill in gaps (such as on-site content architecture, existing content keyword optimisation, and new content to capture new google traffic).
  • Opportunity 2: People tend to buy after 1 to 7 exposures to a product, hence we need ways to reach them after the first visit. 
  • Deliverables: (a) Product / topic specific email lead generation and follow-up automation series. (b) Re-targeting campaigns across paid social, display ads, and email.

Referral Engine (word of mouth)

Outcome 2c. Customers happily refer their friends: 

  • Opportunity 1: Customers only want to refer friends to experiences that are inspiring, easy to use, relevant, helpful. 
  • Deliverables: Customer surveys to learn what we can improve across the full customer journey. 
  • Opportunity 2: Customers want to share what they are passionate about. 
  • DeliverablesProvide content with clear invitations to share, including post check-out and customer follow-up. 

Become a Cyclic Media client in 3 steps: 

  1. First step is for us to discuss your situation. We discuss your objectives and vision, getting clear on the key elements that will make your project successful. 
  2. Cyclic Media will then create a high-level proposal overview for your review and confirmation.
  3. Cyclic Media will then firm up the proposal with specific deliverables and pricing options. 

Your existing marketing staff will also benefit from the practical approach and strategic insights we share with clients, like Lottie did back in 2013.


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