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Combined, the Cyclic Media team have worked with quite a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, providing various aspects of marketing service. Here are some highlights. 

Wirex is a London-based crypto debit card provider and exchange

Bitcoin.com includes a popular news site, crypto-enabled casino games, bitcoin mining services, and a bitcoin wallet.

MetaMorph Pro launched as a decentralised crypto exchange and has since pivoted into other areas related to digital asset. 

case study

Crypto Marketing In General:


Keeping one step ahead of a rapidly changing marketplace is challenging for every entrepreneur in the blossoming digital assets sector. 

No less for early stage startups with products that don't quite work as well as customers might hope or expect, and competitors that seem to come from every direction. 


Overall, the approach to supporting cryptocurrency startups is focusing on the right value proposition for a reachable target audience that provides enough growth to survive and thrive into new areas of product research and development. 


As marketing lead of Wirex in 2017, Cyclic Media's strategy director built a marketing team of 18 and a customer base of 1.5M in little over 10 months. 

Those same lessons are not easily applied to other crypto startups, but they serve as a benchmark and customer insight to build around for current day success in the crypto industry. 

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