Branding solutions available from Cyclic Media, Inc. include: 

  • Comprehensive Atomic Design Systems for large web properties including applications. 
  • Cost efficient Design and Build website development.
  • Complete brand strategy (customer insight, tone of voice, brand narrative, customer journey mapping, market research, messaging platform, etc). 

'Big Projects' vs 'Small Projects'

We can work to a 'tight budget' based on your strategic requirements.

A straight forward 'design and build' is done with high quality design work from our remote staff around the world who each have a certain skill-set, such as artistic illustration types, iconography and UI specialisms. 

If you have the budget and bigger requirements for a comprehensive study of your market, product positioning, customer profiling, and journey mapping and user flows. 

Samples sites designed and/or developed by the Cyclic Media network:

Don't see the style you're aiming for? 

Submit a brief and we'll deliver design concepts in our proposal. 

Our team can start from scratch or adapt to your brand guidelines to produce a WordPress lead gen site, or a fully functional ecommerce site, or even a cross-platform application... 

...We can even design for mobile app games.  

Our Process

  • First step, we work together on the brief to capture sufficient detail to produce exactly what you're looking for, at the budget you want to commit. 
  • Our team goes through a rapid brainstorming and wireframing process to present our overall concept back to the client as quickly as possible once the project begins. 
  • Based on the agreed approach, we will produce the design board (styles, any illustrations, image library) and produce a low-fidelity (rough version) of the work. 
  • Following feedback and any iterations we will then move into development phase to present the 'near-final' version before any finnishing touches. 

We find this approach works best to keep re-work down to an absolute minimum, ensure client satisfaction, and deliver the finished product in the fastest time possible. 


Our pricing is flexible to client requirements depending on skill-set required and scope of work. From $40 per hour up to $140 per hour. 

You'll have the option to pick and choose from our talent pool of designers. If we can achieve your objective with a more cost efficient approach, we'll be the first to recommend it, because we expect the same fair client management from our own vendors. 

Quality Assurance  

Our branding work begins with insight around your market, competition, target customer, your product, and your vision for the future. 

Sites are secured and checked for malware before handed over to our clients. 

Our management team collaborates on each one of our client projects to ensure our range of disciplines are considered for strategic brand development. 

Combining brand narrative, direct response advertising, market trends, and a little magic, our brand solutions help position you ahead of the competition with the right brand personality to suit your internal and external stakeholders. 

Contact us today to discuss a suitable branding solution for 2021. 

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