Gavriel Shaw, Judge at 2013 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) – Social Media Category 

 July 3, 2013

By  Gavriel Shaw

As a judge of the 2013 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) social media category, I’ve seen behind the curtains of organisations large and small who thought themselves worthy to enter.

Some household big brands, some smaller or niche brands… all putting in great effort to manage both new customer marketing and existing customer service within the social marketplace.

What are the entries judged on? Criteria includes (in my own words):

  • Coverage
  • Innovation
  • Measures of success
  • Wow factor
  • Internal impact

Some award entries focus on merely responding to customers, resolving queries, fixing problems before they escalate into brand damaging negative publicity.

Other award entries raise the game by creating true two-way conversation to enable them to delight the customer, going the extra mile by making customer experience and lives better.

The better award entries are taking that insight and impacting internal policy for customer development, changing how the wider contact centre handles customer relationships.

But the best entries are going a step further by closing the loop on customer service, internal change, and subsequent initiatives to improve overall service development along with self-service options such as FAQs, website usability, delivering better brand messaging, and so on.

Award Winning Social Channel Customer Service

The award entries I’ve scored most highly demonstrate two key initiatives:

  1. Gathering actionable insight for the wider stakeholder group within the organisation.
  2. Facilitating one-to-one customer engagement through self-service innovation.

Visit the European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards website although it’s under heavy traffic right now and having trouble loading!

Gavriel Shaw

Gavriel has product and marketing expertise from a variety of roles, including CMO, Head of Growth, Head of Marketing, eCommerce Director, Web Marketing Director, Product Marketing Manager, and Senior Copywriter in various sectors, both B2C and B2B.

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