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Those who rise to the top balance a go-getter urgency for fast impact with a diligent approach to gathering expert details for maximum effect. The Cyclic Media Masterclass series delivers that 1 - 2 punch for your success. 

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Cyclic Media, Inc. began as a professional blog in 2015 highlighting lessons learned in product and marketing management... then became a consulting company culminating in the 2020 Cyclic Growth Framework... then moved on to being a fast growing web3 marketing agency in 2021 while writing a draft book The Startup Flywheel... then moved all that to the back burner as Cyclic Media, Inc. founder shifted gears by joining a startup VC for 2022. 

Today, as we enter the last stretch of 2022 at the time of this writing, Cyclic Media  Inc. is producing a series of masterclasses to deliver highly focused shortcuts to success for professionals, managers and founders. 

The focus is on product launch strategy that builds rapid market traction to attract startup investment from worthy investors — be it crypto token buyers, angel investors, crowdfunding patrons, or seasoned VCs. 

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