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Cyclic Media, Inc. is a consortium to build, share, and capitalize on cycles of success. 

The background image is our own knowledge base of data nodes that feed our intelligence for cutting-edge results. Explore solutions. Tap in. Accelerate success.

Cyclic Solutions

If you do not constantly re-evaluate strategy and process you are falling behind. The Cyclic Growth Framework ensures a constant rotation of ideas and results for never-ending improvement. 

Team Alignment

In Decentralizing Organizations

'Team related issues' remains a top reason for startup failure. Don't ignore the warning signs. Friction with colleagues isn't necessary. Decentralize & Align with community-led growth.

Sales & Marketing

Conversion funnels from first touch to final transaction can be more carefully curated for confident growth than ever imagined before using AI-led growth

Process Optimization

via Open-Ended Experimentation

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and diligent check-lists, flexibly updated based on cyclic iterations of learning and experimentation, enables rapid growth. 

Product Roll-Out

From strategic planning, to genuine research, efficient development, and timely launch, product management has evolved. We'll help you plan a commercially viable product roadmap with lazer focus on fastest route to market traction. 


Note: Cyclic Media is not a product or marketing agency. We are a consortium who knowledge share between us. Hire us individually. We can refer you to agency options if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Addressing 3 Organizational Challenges 



That blessed V in MVP.

Commercial viability is the one sticky issue that well intentioned teams struggle with.

The WTP (willingness to pay) by a MVS (minimum viable segment) is where the rubber meets the road.

Consider the startup failure rate. Viability is the key. 



The chicken or egg scenario.

You need money to compete in today's market.. and yet you can't get funded without demonstrating 'traction'... or making an awful lot of sales to afford the right team... 



Some see it as a good problem to have... but once commercial viability and revenue start flooding in...

...the game changes from affordable traction to a frantic race of capturing market share before the competition. 

Only the fast survive and thrive. 

The Cyclic Growth Framework helps validate commercial viability of your vision with less risk and less budget. Balance opportunity with spend with data-driven campaign performance. Optimize your operational resource allocations and processes across design, dev, product, marketing, growth, sales, and support.

2023 Webinar

Executive Briefing for Growth Leaders and Senior Stakeholders  

How To Fix The Only 3 Statistically Indicated Weak Points In Modern Startup For Scale

The 6 Components Of Comprehensive AI-Led Growth  


A Notion Template for AI-Led Growth

Fill-in-the-blank templates with best practice documentation for all areas of AI-led growth to use with your team from prototyping through to scale.

The Masterclass Library 

For Startup Founders, Sophisticated Product Managers, and Commercially Experienced Marketers — Fast-Track Your Startup Traction, Growth & Scale

About Cyclic Media

Cyclic Media started as a consultancy with agency services in 2015 culminating in the launch of a strategic growth framework, and a startup incubator program in 2022.

Founded by Gavriel Shaw whose 15-year career spans product, marketing and venture capital across dozens of industries, bringing commercially-driven attention to detail.