The 4 Marketing Departments of an Online Business

How to structure your cyber-cash machines as 4 distinct profit centers.

The most efficient and effective approach to organizing your online marketing, whether managing it all yourself, outsourcing, or working with full-time staff or business partners.

Crucial Background Info

The Neo-Tech System by Mark Hamilton taught that business can be divided into distinct money-making units, each capable of being operated as it’s own individual marketing business by one person.

Doing so draws all of the basic responsibilities into a distinct puzzle-picture and streamlines the  growth of each money-making area.

They are called Areas of Purpose.

Each Area of Purpose is a complete money making cluster or Marketing Program incorporating all activities and basic responsibilities from planning, to product development, to marketing, through to banking the profits.

Money making units in traditional offline business could include Television Marketing, Space Media Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Data Base Marketing.

Now applied to the Internet

For marketing online there are precisely and only four Areas of Purpose.

By understanding these four Areas of Purpose for Internet Marketing you will control your Internet Business with far more power and effect than most people do, even if they are generating better income than you at this time. They probably won’t be for long.

If you are new to many of the areas covered, please appreciate the depth covered here, because all marketing tactics are covered. Give yourself time to learn about it all and apply it at the right time based on Module 3 which covers time management for online marketing.

The key to achieving Fully Integrated Internet Marketing is to:

  • a) structure your projects under these 4 areas of purpose, and
  • b) operate each one as a way of making money in it’s own right, like a ‘mini-company’ within your umbrella company.

This approach not only let’s you hone each money-making opportunity to its maximum profitability, but also set’s you up for outsourcing once you are making enough money to bring on outside help.

If you are an experienced IMarketer, the crisp simplicity of what follows may not hit you until you actually brainstorm reformatting your projects, and even your staff, into these 4 broad categories, or ‘mini-companies’.

Let’s take them one at a time:

[DAP isPaidUser=”Y” hasAccessTo=”11″ errMsgTemplate=”SHORT”]

PUGOP – Your Public Group Program

PUGOP is a great place to begin building traffic whilst gaining insight into your chosen market. Simply be being actively involved you can pick up quality targeted traffic for your money sites.


PUGOP includes the process of involving yourself and exposing your services/products in various public forums that are related to your target markets, including discussion forums, email discussion groups and social networks.

PUGOP represents an entire and important marketing program when you can burrow right into the heart of where your prospects hang-out online.

This is an important initial marketing program if you are newer to online promotion, and often the place for a quantum leap in your success if you are an established marketer.


PUGUP allows you to test your ad copy, bring visitors to your site, and find out useful information for your business.

Find relevant discussion groups at the following:

  • (the biggest database of message boards on the web)
  • and
  • and
  • Also search for your [target keywords] forum, e.g. online marketing forum or gardening forum


Take time to find a handful of forums that you think are well representative of your target audience and have high traffic (check Alexa rankings or

Become known on such public groups by creating, submitting, and responding to posts on groups relevant to your target markets.


Convert your public group involvement into profits by being a respected voice so that people will follow your links that you give in posts and in your sig file.


  • Sig files (signature files) can usually be created in your member profiles on Forums.  The sig file is for our name, brief message and links.  The sig file can be added to the end of each post you make automatically.  Include a one line advert and link to your information in every possible signature file you can create.
  • Offer help to increase your exposure to the group thus giving you the chance to point to a particular click-through invitation/recommendation.
  • Asking for help is a great way to begin engaging the community, which can creatively give you the opportunity to point to your areas of expertise or products, and of course if you have a signature file then that will be another instance of your signature file being in that Forum.


  • Do not post blatant adverts of your information unless you are well known on the specific forum.  Take your time /familiarise yourself with the hot topics of each forum and feed into that.  Show yourself to be one of the crowd, rather than someone infiltrating the community merely to advertise.
  • Don’t smother discussions by posting more than everyone else, at least until you are well known and highly regarded in that community.  Have good manners to involve your self but not be seen to takeover. It is their community and you need to be respectful as you begin to involve yourself. Think netiquette.


If directing traffic to a site that you are hosting, then use Google Analytics to see how much traffic you get from each of the forums you are involved with.

Or use short-links (see as one example) so that you can create specific links to place on specific forums so that you can easily track how many clicks you get from each forum.

WESUP – Your Web Search Program


WESUP can include:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Web Directories
  3. Pay-Per-Click Engines
  4. Auction sites
  5. Distribution services
  6. Article directories
  7. RSS Feed Directories
  8. Social profile sites (such as Squidoo)

The purpose of WESUP is to elevate the exposure of our products and projects to people who search for information relevant to our products, by distributing information containing click-through invitations.


Please take google search data with a mahoosive pinch of salt. Google’s keyword tools contradict eachother. Just look at Google Insight, Google External Keyword Tool, and Google Adwords Keyword Tool (when you are logged in). At present the data does not match at all.

For keyword research tools, see what I have listed at [ ].


Through your research you will discover software tools and processes for growing your exposure in web search. There are 2 approaches: SEO WESUP and Non-SEO WESUP.

  1. Non-SEO means growing your exposure on websites without a focus on SEO. This can include specialist web directories or social networks where people already visit those sites and then will find your information on those sites.
  2. SEO focuses on people discovering your information as a direct result of using the search engines (such as Google). See the SEO page for further guidelines.

If you are new to website development, I recommend that you use WordPress and get the free plugin called All In One SEO. This combination will ensure you have a well SEO’d website so that Google can rank you highly.


WESUP traffic is laser targeted traffic because they find your info due to searching for that kind of info, but because they hit your site without knowing you, you must very quickly give them a clear compelling reason to stay on your webpage or they will leave in under 4 seconds.


Google Analytics will show you what keywords people use to discover your own website. Review it weekly for trends and changes and to ensure that you are being discovered for the right terms. Make the most of any terms that you are being discovered for by improving the conversion process on those pages of your site to help capture more leads and turn traffic into sales.

DEEBOP – Your Data Base Program

DEEBOP is the marketing program of building and using contact email lists.


Have a mailing list for each niche market that you do business in.

In DEEBOP we develop mailing lists of contacts (your database), including subscribers and customers, to be able to send multiple emails efficiently.

DEEBOP allows you to promote various products and projects to your contacts and subscribers for on-going follow-up and back-end marketing.


Get yourself on mailing lists of ‘competing’ companies and similar products as you want to promote. Learn how to write email copy.


I recommend Aweber. Aweber makes it easy and provides excellent deliverability rates as well as tracking.  I recommend that you use at least 2 lists for every niche that you’re in. One list is for opt-ins, and the other list is for customers if you are selling your own product.


Having had a client-side senior marketing manager position at a marketing service provider in London UK which offered email marketing services, I can tell you:

  • Companies such as Aweber provide excellent services that are very much on par with even the most expensive services used by large companies,
  • Stick to plain emails without fancy templates, and communicate with your list as regularly as possible. The only caveat is that your communications are easy to absorb and provide value.
  • Treat your list like you would friends that you want to share info with regularly.
  • Generally speaking, don’t hard-sell directly in your email. Instead, point people to new articles, tips, or product reviews located on your blog, and link to product sales pages from your blog posts.


As above, use Aweber to help track DEEBOP performance from your websites, for opt-in rates, and subsequent sales ratios.

JAVEP – Joint Venture Program

JAVEP establishes mutually beneficial relationships with others to:

  1. expanding our market penetration and
  2. collaborate on product development (including co-authorship).


Expanding market penetration through affiliate marketing is the most common JV which allows you to leverage your marketing by profiting out of the hard work of others by re-selling their products (O.JVP) or having them sell your products (M.JVP) and thus gaining a wider market penetration.


Search in google for [your niche keywords] affiliate, e.g. gardening affiliate. Visit the sites that come up and look for where they have details of their affiliate program.

Use to find JV partners, particularly in the online marketing niche (this is a secret site of the Pros).


If you are new to affiliate marketing, whether you want to sell your own product or promote other people’s products, I recommend you focus at first on ClickBank. If you want to promote your own products I also highly recommend that you look at Digital Access Pass.


The best way to convert traffic into affiliate commissions is to give extra info on the affiliate product you are promoting, either as a product review or special bonus that you offer to provide if they buy the product through your link and send you the receipt as proof of purchase.


Maintain a list of the affiliate programs you have joined in one long file. Include log-in details, the link to their affiliate center, and also your main affiliate link. Use short-links (like to help you track clicks to your affiliate links so that you can see what marketing brings the most traffic and traffic that converts into sales the best.

A note on Social Media Marketing and Paid Advertising

Where does Social Media and Paid Advertising fit in to the 4 Areas of Purpose?


Because the web 2.0 social component of the Internet is meta to the 4 areas of purpose. I.e. each of the 4 areas of purpose can have a social component, utilise social media marketing.

And all 4 Areas of Purpose can be done with or without advertising budget. Paid-advertising opportunities include PPC for WESUP, or list rental for DEEBOP. [/DAP]

And with that primer, if you do not spend some quality time with pen and paper planning out how your business could look through operating those 4 Areas of Purpose, then you will probably sleep as well tonight as you did last night. But if you spend time to play with re-organizing your projects under those 4 Areas of Purpose, you may not sleep so well tonight at all, because you will suddenly see the iron-grip control that you can have on a rapidly expanding online business.

Once you have brainstormed around the 4 Areas of Purpose, time to open the SIM6 Matrix and begin plucking tips, tricks and tools to build your new success strategy.

Build Your Success Puzzle…

…ONE step at a time!

How do you build a humungus puzzle?

Sit in the middle of the pile and go through piece by piece looking for 2 that fit together?

No way. The variables are too great.

Instead, systematise your approach.

  • First, create multiple piles of similarly coloured pices.
  • Then, sit with each pile and again sort for similar shades of colour, distinct marketings, and particuarly the edges and corners.
  • Then, begin building the edges and corners and any particularly identifiable elements from amongst each pile.
  • Only when those chunks are built can you begin to connect the large areas together.

In the same way, the 4 Areas of Purpose snap together to form a giant puzzle picture of success.

But only if you take it one element at a time.

Appreciate your AoP’s as separate areas that can make you money individually.

You can make money solely by focusing on article marketing. Just join affiliate programs and promote those products (yes affiliate programs come under the JAVEP area of purpose and for our puzzle building analogy it’s like spreading the pieces into those separate organized piles rather than picking just one colour to organize and totally disregarding everything else. So we still maintain some attention to other areas of marketing, but just not our priority commitment).

Then consolidate your approach for article marketing through WESUP.

Only when you are making sales confidently in any one area of purpose is it efficient to spend a lot of time on the other areas.

Yes you may also want to initiate your DEEBOP pretty early too, by possibly adding opt-in boxes to your own websites so that you can begin building and promoting to your own lists.

But again, you are simply organizing the various piles of the puzzle picture, whilst actually concentrating your development time on one particular area. Find a piece that fits somewhere else, just toss it in the right pile. Think you can easily start collecting opt-ins? Set up a basic opt-in feature.

But stay focussed on the area you have chosen until it’s working well enough. In our example, article marketing.

Final note on the 4 Areas of Purpose

I know I have flown through this, and for some of you it will seem overwhelming and for others of you it will be nothing new in terms of the detail. But the key here is to consider the meta strategy of the 4 areas. No matter what specifics you pursue or what tactics, organize your efforts under the banners of the 4 areas of purpose, and the 6 categories of SIM6. This will bring you total control. And if you want to discuss your particular situation and next steps for progress in any of the 4 Areas of Purpose I will be very happy to hear from you. Skype me at gavriel_shaw.

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