Team Task Management

If you manage a team, one of the most important considerations you make is how you should guide your team’s ongoing task management.

Tonight I spoke with the manager of a set of 3 cafe / hotel’s.

We discussed various elements of strength and weakness across the business, including location, clientele, pricing, etc.

But the key insight was about team task management.

Without successfully delegating, this manager was trying to do too much with not enough progress.

One of his initiatives was to produce several process check-lists for his staff to follow.

Do you think they do?

The manager quietly complained to me that he thinks his stuff simply take a pen and put a tick next to every box without reading the process step, without considering them, without caring about them.

And so it was that the very table that I sat at for dinner, wobbled.  The manager told me that his staff new that they had to check for wobbling tables, and that they knew how to fix them via table positioning and some kind of cork-screw trick that I didn’t pay attention to.

We agreed that his own supervisory skills were too detail oriented, and that the ideal position for him would be to improve his own leadership skills by delegating authority, responsibility, and a heart-felt sense of care within his staff.

That desired level of effective team task management happens through open team building communication… not just task delegation.

We agreed that a good team leader must first aim to encourage self-responsibility within his team. That a more relationship oriented approach to team management would help improve performance with specific team task management.

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  • Andy Moles says:

    I totally agree that, team task management will only be effective if the team managers make effective delegation and also should promote transparency within the team. Taroby is such a tool which helps you greatly in managing team tasks by keeping the transparency and oneness within the team.