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Team Building Workshops

Teams by nature are composed of different types of personality type.

Different types are stimulated and engaged by different types of team building activities.

Be very careful not to expect a one day team building workshop to transform your team.  At best, some of your team will thoroughly enjoy the day, and everyone will pick up a few good ideas, raise their optimism a little, and generally have a good time.

Team Building Activities

The same positive benefits as most team building workshops can be gained in a day of internal brainstorming meetings, that strategically consider everyone’s interests, difficulties, projects, objectives, etc.

The case study white paper on Team Building available at no charge from the Team Management page provides insight into worthwhile team building activities.

Team Building Events

One of the best team building events I’ve been involved with, was a 3 day long weekend trip to a countryside location with dozens of outdoor and indoor team building activities, great food, and shared team rooms.  However, similar to the point above about team building workshops, if you need to see demonstrable ROI from the budget spent on team building, it is key to spend internal culture building strategy time first, before spending on external team building events.

Team Building Ideas

A few ideas for team building:

  • Group strategy sessions
  • One to one meetings with key team members
  • Encourage team members to have one to one meetings with eachother to share ideas, best-practice, frustrations, etc.

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