White papers usefulness for business

On LinkedIn someone asked:

What should white papers/e-books help you achieve for your business?

For me, a white paper should capture a brief moment of crystal clear focus in decision makers minds.

It is a gateway into respectful consideration by people that perhaps otherwise would not find or take the time to review your material.

A white paper gives me that one brief flicker of time to plant myself firmly on someone’s radar – without detailing the topic as much as would an ebook.

I have just published a white paper (still a work in progress) on Marketing Project Management which is available at http://www.marketingprojectmanagement.org


Crafting Your Mafia Offer In-Situ to Re-Invigorate Business Growth

Combining my approach as a copywriter with my love of Theory of Constraints methodology provides us with a powerful blueprint for developing Mafia Offers (the irrefusable offer for your marketing strategy)

Here it is:

1. Elicit Perceived Constraints

From the customers perspective – what is in your way? (customers beliefs and frustrations related to the market)

  • What are the UDEs (undesireable effects) – meaning, negative issues, fears, frustrations, problems, as related to the market?
  • Why do you (the customer/market) think the UDEs exist? (searching causes)
  • Begin with the frustrations they recognise, and then carry them to a deeper understanding of the hidden causes.

TOC Tools

  • Evaporating Cloud
  • Current Reality Tree


  • Real-life systems have one, maximum two, constraints (current reality tree)
  • A problem is not precisely defined until it can be presented as a conflict between two necessary conditions (evaporating cloud)

Consider a generic outline of the constraints for a B2B based market:

  • Of course, the ongoing question of business strategy is identifying where to place investment for maximum long-term returns.
  • Identify the companies internal (resource and policy) constraints
  • Identify the companies ‘market forces pressure on ROI’ (from competition, industry innovation, market trends such as product lifecycle, increasing costs, etc)
  • Now: Link the companies internal constraints (what the real problem is) with their external forces pressure on ROI (the problems that they can better relate to, see and feel)
  • Demonstrate the negative effects on ROI.  I.e. Income (which is being forced down) – costs (which are being forced up) / costs  = reducing ROI
  • Advanced step: Represent in TOC lingo as ROI = Throughput – Operation Expense / Investment
  • Get buy-in confirmation from market / prospect

2. Elicit Aspirations

Find out what the market/prospect actually [thinks they] want – regardless of connection with the previously identified problems and constraints.

  • How do you want things to be?
  • How would they be ideally?
  • Do you know anywhere that such exists already?


  • Here we are eliciting buying criteria and researching features/benefits/advantages for what is necessary to create a Mafia Offer. This insight will be used in new service development.
  • Besides what the market/prospect tells you through this conversation, you can also flip the previously created CRT on its head to help craft the complete FRT, essentially turning existing constraints and problems into an illustration of desired solutions and advantages.

TOC Tools

  • Future Reality Tree

3. Elicit Expectancy

Again, from the customers (markets/prospects) perspective:

  • What would need to happen, and what would need to exist, to actually achieve the aspirations (FRT), given our current staring position?
  • What are the easiest parts to accomplish, and which parts are the most difficult, or even seemingly ‘impossible’?

TOC Tools:

  • Pre-Requisite Tree
  • Transitions Tree

4. Identify the ‘Mafia Offer’

Now you just need to combine all of this research into a winning offer, the ‘magic bullet’ for your audience, the ‘mafia offer’.

If you want to know how, pick up a copy of my white paper on the copywriters process.  Check it out: The Copywriters Selection Process white paper.

5. Take the Magic Bullet to Market

The complete engagement process to develop a Mafia Offer can not happen in a stuffy meeting between company directors who prefer to play with numbers and pat each-other on the back yet remain little more than ‘spreadsheet millionaires’… rather than facing the necessary nitty-gritty detail of primary market research.  It’s a dirty job. But for the sake of profitability, someone’s got to do it…

…However, the most powerful form of market research is not through customer satisfaction surveys or expensive focus groups, but an in-situ process of taking an idea to market and letting the market show you what they want to buy — an exciting and reliable approach to market research that facilitates rapid business growth for long-term competitive advantage.

If you want to know how I do it, check out my freelance page.

Entrepreneur’s Time Management

Time Management Training For Entrepreneurs

How do I say this….

I’m obsessed with time, have been since a boy, and I’ve gone on to pen several training programs for getting organized, life direction, mind power, and, time management, of course.

I want to show you that part of it for entrepreneurs.

My time management training program gives you the categories of time management for your personal life as well as career development.

If you are a netrepreneur (i.e. if most of your working time is spent on the computer) then I have another piece of time management training that is right up your ally.

You can use the personal Time Management System.

Team Building Games and Role Play

From LinkedIn, someone asked:

I use role-play often in training sessions but almost always encounter resistance to the “role-play” exercise. Thoughts? Experiences with role-play? Ways to counter the resistance?

I don’t like doing role play myself.

From my perspective as an INTJ (myers briggs personality type), I’m known as a Rational Mastermind (introspective, intuitive, thinking, judging).

For people like me, I feel like role plays are 10% worthwhile, 90% self absorbed waste of time kids play.

Whilst other personality types will enjoy and value role play.

So ask the group what exercise they want to do, either a writing exercise or discussion, or alternatively a live role play. Split the group into 2 so they [have a choice of what to do].

Accommodate to different types.

See my teamwork training and team performance white paper.

Also check out the team management section.

Real Time Management for Business Professionals

Real Time Management and Business Trends

Business process management must use real time management systems ever more.

The computer revolution was a precursor to a much bigger picture of rapidly advancing new technologies.

The human genome project begun an even faster technology trend.

In fact, we are going ‘exponential’ in business trends.

And real time management suggests touching the cusp of the computer wave.

Business at the speed of thought, or something like that, said Bill Gates as his company was increasingly outcompeted by Apple.

But who knows which or who will take center stage just 5 years from now. We are in for a wild ride into a technological civilization.

And real time management is at the heart. To apply new knowledge at the speed of thought, as fast as computers can analyze.

The semantic web of cyberspace will use these business trends and real time management processing to provide us what we want, when we want it, and the quality of life, plus creativity opportunities of business, art and science, are going to get faster and faster.

Are you ready for ‘real time management’?

But first grab yourself a copy of my new Time 4 Business white paper for time management training.

Professional Advertising Copywriter Selection


My white paper…

“Exposing the link between your marketing success and your copywriter selection process”

…has a fresh coat of paint.

  • I’ve highlighted my 3-part formula that beat an ad agency by 510% in a split-test.
  • I’ve also included a quote by Claude Hopkins which is probably the first ever identification of an irresistible offer, more recently labelled a ‘mafia offer’.
  • The Research section has also been expanded to include all 5-types of ‘insight’ that your copywriter needs in order to do the best job possible for your campaign.

Here it is:

Professional Advertising Copywriter Selection.

Time Management Training

Consider the multidue of areas for Time Management Training, and then get the Free Time Management Training White Paper.

* Integrate proven time management techniques into your daily processes

* Make informed decisions about what you do and when

* Apply a structured whole-brain process to shape your current and future commitments

* Proactively schedule tasks and construct weekly plans and daily to-do lists

* Adopt strategies and techniques to handle procrastination and interruptions

* Develop a personal action plan to reap the most benefit from your efforts

Extensive individual and group activities immerse you in a real-world environment based on your own unique time management situation. Activities include:

* Identifying your personal time style

* Constructing and applying an Issues/Impact matrix

* Mapping and analysing your current and future commitments

* Formulating SMART goals

* Modelling interpersonal techniques to handle interruptions based on a video scenario

* Collaborating with others to create best practice guidelines

* Developing a customised post-course time management tool kit

And there’s more… much more.

Managing Time Through Self-Management Principles

Essentials of time management

* Contrasting time-planning and time management

* Avoiding the psychological time trap

* Taking control of your life through the choices you make

Determining your time style

* Evaluating your current strengths

* Recognising opportunities for improvement

* Assessing the effect of your time style on others

Gaining control over your time

* Appraising your situation with an Issues/Impact matrix

* Targeting factors that adversely impact your time

Mapping and Analysing Your Current Situation

Incorporating a time planning process model

* Harnessing the power of a structured approach

* Re-using the model throughout your life

* Customising the model to fit your style and needs

Determining your primary purposes

* MindMapping current commitments and responsibilities

* Defining the purpose for each commitment

Assessing your realities

* Weighing the value of current efforts

* Making choices in a planned way

* Deriving tasks–the raw material of time planning

Planning for the Future

Envisioning where you want to be

* Leveraging the power of imagination

* Articulating your personal vision

* Choosing a future that works for you

Setting challenging goals

* Creating a sense of direction

* Generating personal momentum for action

* Formulating SMART objectives

Moving toward your goals

* Initiating changes to your situation

* Formulating tasks to achieve your goals

Prioritising and Scheduling

Proactively identifying your priorities

* Maximising the Important/Urgent matrix

* Applying The Pareto Principle to determine the greatest results for least effort

* Prioritising with ABC123

Building your schedule

* Assigning tasks into a monthly, weekly and daily schedule

* Integrating scheduling technologies to fit your lifestyle

* Creating a dynamic to-do list

* Reducing mental clutter

Managing Your Time Day to Day

Overcoming procrastination

* Identifying the root causes of inaction

* Beating the deadline-driven trap

* Approaching your tasks positively

Focusing your attention

* Diffusing interruptions constructively

* Conquering over-commitment

Handling the flood of e-mail

* Optimising e-mail for your advantage

* Stepping off the “e-mail-go-round”

Customising your workspace

* Architecting your most effective environment

* Designing a personal information flow and retrieval process

Getting the Best Return on Your Time Investment

Analysing your progress

* Conducting regular reviews

* Comparing planned vs. actual usage with a time log

Changing your time habits for the better

* Calculating potential time savings

* Exercising the freedom to do it your way

* Writing a Personal Statement of Commitment

Get your self a free copy of the Time Management Training White Paper.

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