Google Website Analytics has finally done the right thing

analytics-goalsI have just noticed that my google analytics account now allows me 4 sets of 5 goals, rather than the previous ration of only 4 goals in total.

That means I can now track a lot more goal conversion funnels on my sites.

If your website uses Google Analytics, let your marketing and web team know that they should set up more goals to track your key website conversion funnels, for things like:

  • Opt ins (newsletter subscribers, white paper downloads)
  • Central resource pages
  • Sales

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Happy tracking.

Website marketing strategy consultancy

My business is almost bankrupt.

[Name withheld] is sitting with me and he tells me you can help. I hope you can.

I am getting 4000+ visits per day to my home page but no conversations.

And 1700 visits to my wholesale page [url snipped] but very few signing on (about 1-2 per day). After they register as a wholesale customer (many retail people also register not knowing that this is for wholesale only), I activate the account and send them the following email.

[email snipped]

Can you see if there is something obvious that we are doing wrong. I was getting about 4-6 wholesale signups a day but now it is 1 or 2. With your help I hope I can turn this around.


Having spent 5 minutes on the site, here was my response:

First, here is the most successful small business owned ecommerce site I know of (Millions US$ revenue per year):


Lots to learn from on there.  The way they categorise, display and sell.  They also have a McAfee Secure etc buttons that helps boost conversions.

Besides that, 2 big questions come to mind:

  1. Have you changed ANYTHING at all on the site or the payment gateway or emails etc since you dropped from 6 signups to 2 signups?
  2. Has the source of visitors changed at all.  What countries do 80% of your customers come from? Spend time in google analytics to look at the traffic source at the time you was getting 6 signups vs now, and see if you have lost any good lead sources.  You really should be able to tell what lead sources convert into optins and customers.  You can do some of that by using the Goal function in google analytics.

Beyond that, explain to me the logic of your site, how you expect visitors to turn into customers, and I can then offer ideas how to increase specific conversion points.

  • Do most of your customers buy first directly from the sites shopping cart, or do most of them register as a buyer first?
  • Are your customers end users or are they distributors or shop keepers or what?
  • What percentage of your customers are new vs existing customers?
  • Is there new competition available to visitors that come from the same sources of traffic you get that might be stealing your customers?

You should also be using Google Web Optimiser to do split tests throughout the site.

These are questions as business owners we should know.  I learned a lesson from a successful business guy many years ago who said to me ‘Treat it like a hobby — and you’ll get a hobby income. Treat it like a business — and you’ll get a business income’.



Once I get the feedback from these initial questions I will be able to dig into the details and will offer my recommendations.

Want to benefit from my 11 years of website marketing experience too?

Hunt around the website for what treasures you might find.

Website Marketing

Your web presence is a key part of the way you attract customers and/or deliver products.

This page shows a clients highly profitable website for which I directed a new better converting site design. And we will cover more projects for Web Presence Development as part of the Traffic section.

Web sites

The design of your website must relate very closely to the Positioning and Conversion process that we will cover next in the Conversion section, and from what you’ve learned in your research.

The homepage design was as follows, before I started working with them.

(I’m not a web designer or devloper per se – I bring in the principles of direct response marketing, create and agree a remodelling with the client, and then the companies web developers build the new site).




As you can see, it had quite a bit of white space, small greyed out navigation bar, and corporate standard heading of ‘welcome’.




Here the design is not just smarter, but includes the initial loan quote form and loan repayments calculator to immediately show the website visitor exactly what he is looking for which increased conversions.

We also have direct response copy elements such as testimonials on the right hand bar, and a better headline ‘The Difference – Are you a homeowner in the UK?’ which pinpoints and grabs the attention of the companies target prospect.

We also shifted the site navigation into a vertical tab design inside the websites banner area.

My take on webdesign

[widget id=”ad-continue-marketing”]Ad: continue-marketing[/widget]Always make sure to think of your web visitor first, before fancy-smancy graphics, flash animation, etc. The goal of the website is to generate leads and sales. Not to show off.