Service Design Thinking

My new favourite topic is Service Design Thinking for marketing.

In the Service Design reference book, This is Service Design Thinking, 5 principles are identified:

  • User centered: Services should be experienced through the customer’s eye.
  • Co-creative: All stakeholders should be included in the service design process
  • Sequencing: The service should be visualized as a sequence of interrelated actions.
  • Evidencing: Intangible services should be visualized in terms of physical artifacts.
  • Holistic: The entire environment of a service should be considered.

Isn’t that what the business world has been seeking for years?

Yes it is.

And it’s a race to the top with disruptive innovations to be expected, even if not seen, as the design will go on behind closed doors in organisations (such as Sabio).

And only new clients will know the full breadth of user centred, co-creative, sequenced, evidenced holistic service deployment that results.

From my experience, Service Design based Marketing is the crest of the wave for customer experience management and competitive differential development.

In a nutshell:

It’s good for business because it’s really good for customers.

Check out this Service Design Tools repository.

Edit May 2018: Check out Smaply for Customer Experience Mapping (from the authors of Service Design Thinking).