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Copywriting Sample – Video Sales Letter Lead – Male Health Supplement

As consulting Lead Copywriter for an ad agency, I needed to improve the response from a Video Sales Letter that the agency had paid a top VSL writer to produce. It wasn’t converting well and I felt the copy overall was strong but the lead (the introductory attention grabber) seemed to lack empathy with the […]

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First hand research in the [weight loss] market (Atlanta Georgia, here comes a copywriter!)

In relation to a weight loss award for a new natural hunger suppressant (clinically proven to significantly reduce body fat over extended periods of time… without extra exercise or forced dieting)… I’ll be in-and-around Atlanta Georgia for the month of September conducting field research to build up an audience profile for the product, yet to […]

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Copywriters in the Health Field

Health Field Copywriter reveals an early turning point memory… As a 5 year old wanna-be health field copywriter… I stood before my father’s superman poster at his alternative health clinic in London UK. Looking up at that mighty super hero, I wasn’t sure I was smart enough to understand the caption. But with all my […]

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3 Health Copywriter’s Mistakes

I just created a page on being a Health Copywriter… And if relevant to you, here’s 3 mistakes I know marketers and copywriters make with health product marketing: What level of subject matter expertise does the prime prospect have? (layman who just wants a magic quick fix vs an alternative health enthusiast who wants to […]

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