Breakthrough Advertising Secrets – Gene Schwartz

My notes from Eugene Schwartz’ presentation to Rodale Publishing…

I have about an 85% hit ratio.

Working with a client

“I’m going to sit and I’m going to listen and you’re going to talk… He talked about four hours… And I just sat there… taking notes.

I wrote the ad (that night). I couldn’t give it to him that same night because he would thin it was worth nothing. So I put it away for two weeks, and seent it to him.

It was his thing. It was his idea. It was his conception. It was his vision. All I did was write it out. Read More

A Warning About 'Creativity' In Business

‘Creativity’ is not the miraculous road to business growth and affluence that is so abundantly claimed these days… Those who extol the liberating virtues of corporate creativity… tend to confuse the getting of ideas with their implementation – that is, confuse creativity in the abstract with practical innovation.Theodore Levitt, ‘Creativity Is Not Enough’ (1963)

As a copywriter, the immortal words of Rosser Reeves always come to mind.  ‘Creativity is the most dangerous word in advertising’.

And another great copywriter Gene Schwartz said of creativity vs connectivity:

Creation is a lousy word.  It’s a lousy word that confuses what you really do to perform a simple little procedure.  Creation means create something out of nothing… only God can do that

Let’s talk about connectivity – connecting things together.  New means never joined before. The creativity is in your market and in your product, and all you are doing is joining the two together.

Of course this goes against the grain of mass popularity and Above The Line brand advertising.  But that’s because of the lack of discipline, effort, and understanding of so called brand advertisers, short-copy copywriters, and general marketing managers.

Many years ago I read a book by Robert Fritz called ‘Creating’.  I read his other books including The Path of Least Resistance for Managers (highly recommended).

In his genius body of work, Robert Fritz identifies an efficient process for innovation and creativity that protects against the danger warned by Rosser Reeves and Gene Schwartz’ of creativity easily extending beyond its validity.

Fritz identifies a clear-cut process that maintains a natural flexibility for controlling innovation.  Get my Productivity and Efficiency Report for details.

Market Diviners | Top Truths Of Breakthrough Advertising

The modern advertiser and marketer… Call him a Market Maker… or better yet, a Market Diviner.

He seeks not to create new markets, for that would require educating, which takes time and great expense.

No. The Market Diviners goal is to be at exactly the right place, at the right time, with the right gadget or gizmo – To discover, intensify, and revitalise the desires held by a market. To focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.

But the desire must already be there. You can not create it. Mass desire is the public spread of a public want. And a market is born of sufficient people to warrant selling them a product, created by permanent forces of mass instinct, and the forces of ongoing societal and technological change.

The marketers job is to know his market, to inventory the markets desires, to chart their forces – And to then build and intensify the markets reaction to its basic need.

“If you build a bridge of ideas or images across the chasm (of his insight) starting on his side – then he will let you lead him almost anywhere.” – Gene Schwartz

Conducted by a mass conversation – a discourse with his market, in which he feeds that market ideas, and it feeds back to him reactions from which he adapts.

The Market Intensifier knows that people do not change, only the direction of their desires. And the marketer hooks onto those deeper currents of need and desire, and re-directs it in favor of selling opportunity.

The marketers attributes include cunning intuition, deep analytical ability, and verbal creativity.

In copywriting… ad preparation… campaign planning – his sensitivity brings him anticipation points; sensitivity of the inevitable reactions of his approach. Playing a dual role, he empathises totally with the prospect, yet holds the distance required to observe, understand, and control the prospects reactions.

He anticipates their 3 classes of question and demand: For more information. For proof. And for an explanation of mechanism.

And with that we understand that the copywriters, or marketers, or market diviners objective… the core of advertising… is to be the very script writer for your target markets dreams.

Inspired from reading and re-reading the Gene Schwartz 1966 Breakthrough Advertising.

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