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What Is Marketing Funnel Automation? – and how can I conquer it?!

In its simplest form, Marketing Automation is when a visitor requests information and receives it automatically by email. Today, visitors request can lead into behavior-triggered email follow-up and off-site ad re-targeting that delivers specific content based on the visitors exact behavior (i.e. which pages he visited revealing both his interests and stage of the buying process). Example […]

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Email Copywriter – Early Career Samples

I started writing email copy back in 1996. In 2009 I took a position as Head of Marketing for an Email Service Provider that auto-magically segmented and broadcast emails where even the images were personalised… Email Copywriting Samples Today, an email copywriter must take a very strategic approach of considering the full multi-channel touchpoints in […]

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Myth of the Big List – Email Marketing At Its Finest

Are big email broadcast lists necessary for success with modern online marketing? Jason van Orden of the highly popular podcast Internet Business Mastery explains how a better list trumps a bigger list in his new video: Myth of the Big List (watch the video now). Of course: A big email marketing list with low response rate […]

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Real-Life Example of Marketing Campaign Testing

My Financial Services client had a customer list of 30,000 names for a back-end (selling to existing customers) promotion. This particular promotion was loans for homeowners. The average size loan was £10,000. Up to that point they had been sending a similar email with no personalisation or compelling appeal that a good direct response copywriter […]

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SqueezeTheme creates high converting squeeze pages for maximum website lead generation

Pioneer online marketer John Reese says “I’ve been saying it for years. Building an email list is the number 1 thing you can do to ensure your business will thrive into the future. But don’t let ‘coding’ issues hold you back. Get SqueezeTheme and let it do all the work for you”.

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