What Is Marketing Funnel Automation? – and how can I conquer it?!

In its simplest form, Marketing Automation is when a visitor requests information and receives it automatically by email.

Today, visitors request can lead into behavior-triggered email follow-up and off-site ad re-targeting that delivers specific content based on the visitors exact behavior (i.e. which pages he visited revealing both his interests and stage of the buying process).

Example Automation Workflows

This small piece of an automation workflow gives a glimpse into the possibilities with automation.


Or how about this more detailed example showing a number of conditional triggers in part of an automation workflow:



At first glance that may seem utterly confusing.

Yet, Marketing Funnel Automation is now vital to compete with the degree of personalization and the varied campaign approaches used by large businesses and increasingly by SMEs.

If you’ve previously been scared off by high fees for Marketing Automation projects you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Cyclic Media can offer for optimizing contact frequency and message relevance for a better customer experience that brings the greatest ROI.

Here’s a basic customer journey example:

  1. Mary sees one of your ads and lands on your ecommerce page for handbags but does not buy.
  2. Later that day she accesses her Facebook account and low-and-behold sees a nice photo of several gorgeous handbags similar to the one she was looking at earlier.
  3. The advert gives her a compelling reason to click and she visits your page a 2nd time (at a cost to you of just a few cents).
  4. She sees an offer for interesting information about your handbag selection and decides to opt-in with her email address.
  5. This begins an automated process of nurture and offer emails that are scheduled based on whether she actually opens the emails, clicks particular and browses specific pages of the site.
  6. If she adds a handbag to the cart by way of ‘window shopping’, we can then automatically send her information about that particular handbag, nurturing her trust in the brand, keeping front-of-mind, and helping to close the sale.

It’s amazing what can be done with Automation

Marketing Automation acts as a filter for multiple conversion funnels that converge and diverge into various segmentations based on each contacts behavior.

Sometimes customers just need a gentle reminder or two before they buy, along with a little extra information that endears them to your brand, and overcomes their hesitation to buy from you.

But delivering that ‘little extra info’ at the right time is a science and art.

Marketing Automation provides the tools to make that happen completely hands-free once we’ve set it all up. And it doesn’t have to be a major project to get things started and see a clear and positive ROI.

Executive Guide To Email Marketing

Database Group Interactive will be running a series of Executive Briefings in London UK around the topics of:

  • Multichannel marketing
  • Strategic email campaign management
  • And more.

I am helping to prepare the agenda for the series, so I know it will be good.

If you are in the London area, and have anything to do with marketing database management or email activity for an SME or Large Enterprise, then grab a slot for your company now. Only 25 companies will be involved in this program.

Check it out: [event passed – link now removed].

Writing style for email marketing

At the 2007 AWAI Copywriters Bootcamp, Herschel Gordon Lewis shares an outrageous example of email copywriting gone berserk.

Herschel is trying to make the point that copy should be kept simple to read and easy to understand.

Email Copywriter – Early Career Samples

I started writing email copy back in 1996.

In 2009 I took a position as Head of Marketing for an Email Service Provider that auto-magically segmented and broadcast emails where even the images were personalised…

Email Copywriting Samples

Today, an email copywriter must take a very strategic approach of considering the full multi-channel touchpoints in a consumers or customers buying process. Read More

Myth of the Big List – Email Marketing At Its Finest

traffic attraction formulaAre big email broadcast lists necessary for success with modern online marketing?

Jason van Orden of the highly popular podcast Internet Business Mastery explains how a better list trumps a bigger list in his new video:

Myth of the Big List

(watch the video now).

Of course:

A big email marketing list with low response rate isn’t worth very much

As Head of Marketing for an email service provider I saw first hand how big brands mail millions of emails yet hit only 8% or less open rates, and thus click through rates were only a tiny portion compared to the overall list size.

Marketing legend Jay Abraham taught me a long time ago that before we should focus on selling, we should focus on providing value and building a relationship.

Thus, the size of your list combined with the relationship you have with it combined with the influence that you actually have on it will create the level of responsiveness and thus the lists profitability.

Consider the stream of logic:

  • Before they buy, you need influence.
  • To influence we must develop relationships.
  • Relationships are built through engagement (multiple engagements or touch points possibly through various mediums).
  • Engagement comes from gaining permission (which means subscribing to you in some way, such as podcasts, RSS, or email subscriptions).
  • And they can’t give you permission until you have gotten their attention.

Check out Jason van Orden’s important presentation in his new video: Myth of The Big List.

Email marketing open rate secrets

Question on LinkedIn:

Do you have any secrets that you can share to improve the open rates of your email campaigns or newsletters?

As previous head of marketing for an email service provider I’d like to offer a couple of more uncommon suggestions. Mail more often. And mail your unopens.

IF (and you should be) you are mailing relevance to segmented lists, then where is there left to go?

Mailing more often.

And then extract the addresses of those that have not opened within say 3 days, and mail those addresses again, possibly with a different subject line. You will most likely see a bump in overall open rates.

Email Marketing Copywriter and Email Campaign Management

Whilst copywriting is on my mind…

(as it often is on a Saturday afternoon)

Let me tell you a surprising new email copywriting results generated for the UK based big brand email service provider Database Group Interactive…

In a new B2B email marketing campaign, we bought some new email data, of London based Marketing Managers and Heads of Marketing.

The idea is to introduce our company and services to find out if they may have a requirement for our high-end mass broadcasting email management, including data insight, real-time multichannel integration, web analytics integration, and much much more.

But buying data means the list is ‘cold’.

Not favorable odds at all.

So I took a very personal approach in my email copy by inviting them to a new social networking group that we have set-up (part social marketing experiment, part to socialise).

Without divulging the actual winning copy, my email copy generated an 80% click-to-open rate…

Meaning that out of the people that actually opened the email, 80% of them CLICKED to visit the landing page.

That’s a result I’ve personally never seen before.

I like the approach that I took in the copy, even if I do say so myself. And the results are surprising.

The next step in this relationship marketing B2B campaign is to send a soft-offer opportunity to claim a free email performance audit. (the value of this audit is huge).

If you are in marketing for a medium to large size company… in London… and want to improve your own email marketing, head on over to [offer now expired] to claim your own free email performance audit now.

Also, check out my email marketing page and email copywriter page for more insight into successful email marketing.

Real-Life Example of Marketing Campaign Testing

My Financial Services client had a customer list of 30,000 names for a back-end (selling to existing customers) promotion.

This particular promotion was loans for homeowners.

The average size loan was £10,000.

Up to that point they had been sending a similar email with no personalisation or compelling appeal that a good direct response copywriter revels in.

So I saw an opportunity for a big increase in ROI on this campaign.

Here’s how it turned out…

  • list 30k
  • average order 10k
  • expected response 0.05% = 15
  • expected conversion of that 3% = 0 new customers
  • Marketing costs = £2,000

They got a customer once every several months from that particular promotion. Remember, these are people that had taken a substantial loan in the past few years already.

For our test with my long copy against the agencies creative we split the list.

15k names at 0.05% is 8 projected leads from their creative.

How much better could I do?

15k names on my long copy produced a response of 61 leads, which was a 0.4% response off the list. The existing creative had a response of 10 leads (near enough their projected 8.

This meant a 510% increase in response (My 61 against there 10). That was huge for the client, who then wanted me to train their copywriters in some direct response copywriting principles (opens new window).

Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

And because of the personal nature, and genuine human appeal of my copy the client had 2 buyers, at approximately 10k each (a £20,000 return).

Marketing costs = £1,000 (half of the full cost of £2,000 given that we did a split test)

Return = £20,000

A huge ROMI of 1900%.

But this was still only the beginning as I saw it…

  • I began work with the client on their loan information pack to increase actual conversion rates after the new lead generation.
  • I also began to plan a follow-up series to the list of 15k that had received my email
  • Plus another campaign to the 59 leads who responded to the first email but hadn’t yet converted.
  • And the email would also (ofcourse!) be sent to the other half of the list that hadn’t yet received it.

Through integrated marketing, opportunities to increase ROI are endless.

You can read the copy I wrote for that initial split test on the Email Marketing page (link opens new window).

Or read more about Tracking and Testing here.


SqueezeTheme creates high converting squeeze pages for maximum website lead generation

Pioneer online marketer John Reese says:

“I’ve been saying it for years.

Building an email list is the number 1 thing you can do to ensure your business will thrive into the future. But don’t let ‘coding’ issues hold you back.

Get SqueezeTheme and let it do all the work for you”.

It’s true…

…SqueezeTheme is the latest WordPress theme that takes all of the ‘coding effort’ out of creating stunning and high converting squeeze pages (webpages that capture prospect email addresses through making an offer such as a free report or newsletter).

I’ve been manually building squeeze pages using html code, and split testing them for years myself, always searching for the current trends in what works the best for maximum lead generation.

[widget id=”ad-continue-marketing”]ad-continue-marketing[/widget]And now Unique Designs have come out with this true game changer.

If lead generation is important for your online marketing projects (and it absolutely should be!) then SqueezeTheme is an absolute god-send. Get it and have it working for you today.

Email Copywriting and Affiliate Marketing

If you are new to this site and looking for info on an email copywriter, check out the main copywriting page and email copywriter pages.

Mark Joyner is a legend.

And his copywriting is spot on.

Conversational. Personal. Easy to read. Powerful.

Mark has just released an affiliate marketing training product and the following email copy has been sent to his affiliates to promote the new product.


SUBJECT: who wants to be a thousandaire?

Subject:  who else wants to be a thousandaire?
Subject:  who else wants to make a grand?
Subject:  who else wants to make their first grand?
Subject:  who else wants 1k in 90 days?
Subject:  Million Denero Challenge
Subject:  This Challenge Starts September 1st. (you in?)
Subject:  Looking for 413 more people to jump in on this.
Subject:  413 people needed for special project…

Hey NAME  –

Sounds funny, but hear me out…

Simpleology is holding a REALLY cool challenge
for 1000 people (who have little or no
experience marketing on the Internet)
to make their first “grand” in the next
90 days.

It’s called The $1 Million O.A.I. Challenge,
and this video explains what’s up:

(plus how it can be totally free for you)


In a nutshell…

Simpleology is looking for 1,000 people
who (ideally) have never made any serious
moolah online before, but are determined
to get their first $1,000 over next 90 days.

(No “pros” please – since the reason why
they’re doing all this craziness is to
create some great success stories for
their newest product)

All you have to be able to do is follow step
by step instructions.  (It’s really important
that you don’t try to reinvent the wheel
here – just follow the steps they give you)

Like most challenges, there are a couple
of restrictions:

1) It’s only available to Simpleology members
(Pssst….its free to register)
2) It’s only limited to 1,000 people
(413 spots left now since announced 2 days ago)
3) You have to start before September 1, 2009

To learn more about the big O.A.I.
challenge check out this video and page:


This starts on September 1, 2009
for the first 1000 people who get
in on it before then.

If you fit the description and are ready
to make something happen, then come on!
Simpleology would love to have you participate and
be a success story.


PS:  Only a grand? 🙂

I realize that making a grand might not
seem like a whole lot, but here’s the
deal…once you get you that point, you’ll
be scaling these O.A.I. systems up one
after another.

The more you do this, the more you make.

But in order to preserve the integrity of this
challenge Simpleology has to cap involvement at
1,000 people. Thanks for understanding.


So there you go, an email copywriting lesson, plus access to Mark Joyner’s brand new program for making some extra moola using affiliate marketing.

Check it out now.


For more on email copywriting visit the email copywriter page.