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Visual Marketing

Graphics have never been my thing… And they tend to get in the way of quality marketing and advertising. Just take a listen to David Ogilvy in this video if you don’t already know the debate between high graphic brand advertising and long copy direct response marketing. The philosophy I adhere to, is that design […]

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My Position on Creative Advertising

With my one hundred year background experience gleaned by studying the history of direct response advertising (mail order, direct mail, and print advertising)… my position on ‘creative’ advertising is this: Combining an accurate well researched copy platform with the right mix of campaign execution, is far different from being ‘creative’. This is vitally important to […]

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Direct Response Copywriter

Through the budget squeezing economic downturn, and new global trends, companies must return to ROI metrics and an attitude of diligent optimisation for higher marketing performance.

Gone are the days (at least for now) of splashing money on expensive untrackable broadcast advertising.

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The chasm between general advertising and direct response is wide – David Ogilvy

Ladies and gentlemen, I envy you. Your timing is perfect. You’ve come in the direct response business at the right moment in history. You’re on to a good thing.

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