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Fellow online marketer,

I have a truly killer tip for you…

Big Business Executives use this master key for maximum productivity, clear thinking, and strategic success.

…In fact:

It’s been used in businesses for the past 150 years – since the days of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Charles Schwabb.

And now it’s yours too, FREE.

You would never guess what it is…

It’s deadly simple… lets your spend time AWAY from the computer screen… has something to do with trees… and is used daily by corporate professionals, secret-society government officials and Arabian royalty.

As an ex senior corporate marketing manager, I want to give something back to the online marketing community and this simple but powerful tip is my first gift – with more coming soon.

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Schedule by Convenience!

time management systemThe Principle: “Do everything by convenience according to the size of your priorities”…

Once you prioritize your projects and activities according to your hierarchy of values (as above)…

…scheduling becomes simply a matter of convenience based on wherever you are at any time.

Here’s a real-life example to make the point crystal clear…

My situation right now as I type:

The computer is on, an article is open about time management…

… I need to look after my health (an important rock), so it’s time that I ate something (a pebble / project) so I’ll rush to the kitchen to chop some salad, steam some potato’s, and whatever else (sand/tasks).

Whilst doing that I might be thinking of my article, or I may listen to an audio file whilst in the kitchen (and therefore fit more tasks into the same time period). Sometimes I’ll even get into some pushups on the kitchen floor.

Or indeed I may use the time for personal quiet time and let my brain space out and enjoy the chopping, bubbling, and sizzling.

Then once that’s all cooking away smoothly, back to my office I rush and re-focus at the computer. (A fast pace obviously adds tremendous intensity to the day, making you more emotionally compelled towards action, as well as more efficient.)

You could say that eating is more important than writing an article. So you see I do not prioritize or schedule to level of so called ‘importance’.

I do it all, and I do it by breaking down the hierarchy of ‘size’, and then selecting tasks by convenience. Anything ‘urgent’ will naturally show itself when your project and task lists are organized properly.

When you have life prioritized and organized this way, you can very easily decide what to do next simply by looking at your project list and task list depending on where you are.

If you scheduled these tasks to time, you’d do dinner at ‘6pm’, write the article at ‘7pm’, and listen to an audio at what, ‘9pm’? It’s obviously not efficient even if it worked out that way (which it rarely does right?).

So of course we shouldn’t schedule tasks to time!

It’s a ridiculous technique. It’s much more natural to do a small selection of things in one pocket of time chosen by convenience as I demonstrated above.

So the bottom line…

Don’t prioritize by level of importance. It’s all important. Instead, schedule according 1st to size, then to convenience.

Then you’ll find that all of the ‘little things’ that used to get in your way, actually weave into the ‘bigger’ things, and then everything gets done… your level of self-satisfaction jumps through the roof… and you leave your peers behind in the dust — unless you share all this with them of course.

I hope I’ve freed you from some unnatural restrictions on using time.

And these days I almost never burn my cooking.

Ooo speaking of which….

For more tips and ideas, visit…

…the Time Management Principles Page

Productivity Principles

Productivity has 4 broad success factors…

  1. Personal Productivity,
  2. Relationships (various degrees of synergy),
  3. Existing or Developing Skills, and
  4. Experience.

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Video has been replaced by the Productivity Principle pages as per the following links.

8 principles of productivity…

  • Manage time by priority, necessity, and availability.
  • The key to organizing things is the ability to ask good questions.
  • Efficiency is far more important than being organized.
  • Effectiveness is more important than efficiency.
  • If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Sustained performance depends on energy renewal.
  • Gain leverage through team synergy.
  • Building puzzle-pictures of success comes from integrated thinking.

Productivity Strategy Map

In today’s fast-paced environment, you may be feeling that you’re falling behind on all the work you need to finish. One way to keep organized and maintain control of your life is to boost your productivity levels.

Being “productive” means getting more done in less time, eliminating stressful time wasters, and having more time for yourself and your family.

The Productivity Strategy Cashmap will show you how you can become more productive and organized, so you can reach your dreams faster, and still have enough time to enjoy all the good things in life!

Download the Productivity Strategy Cashmap for FREE and you’ll be just moments away from learning:

Why multi-tasking doesn’t work and what kind of “work strategy” does (nail this and you’ll finish your to-do list in half the usual time)
How to avoid the two secret time wasters that few people know about, but everyone encounters
One sneaky way you could be sabotaging your productivity without being aware of it – and how to avoid it using an easy “productivity booster”
and much more…

Get the productivity strategy map.

Discussing Theory of Constraints in Service Based Organizations

In a Linked-in thread on TOC in Services, Richard said:

“…how would one apply ToC to an organization where it is project and service-based, but almost all of the services on any given “project” are handled by a single resource (a consultant)?

This would be similar to CC, but then there is the need to manage across multiple simultaneous projects where the only common resource on a group of projects is one (or a very small number) of consultants.”

My reply:

The single resource (consultant) will have to apply increasing leverage of his or her own time.

Through owning ‘essence work’ (face time with clients?) and delegating/outsourcing the ‘tail or responsibilities’ (to a PA, junior partners, etc).

It might be that only 20% of their time is spent on the actual value adding insight and expertise that the client really wants or needs. Their focus will be on increasing the percentage allocation of their time spent on performing the value adding function that is unique to their expertise. I.e. How can they get from 20% to 40%?

By leveraging this single/finite resources time through eliminating lower value time consuming tasks, narrowing their focus, concentrating their value output – the breadth and depth of his reach expands through the support structure that supports him.

The picture of a multi-armed hindu god comes to mind, or Harold Geneen of ITT who successfully managed 50 companies that I read spent just 30 minutes per week on each company by reviewing a single page Tracking Report (See article on Geneen)

Leverage is not a new idea.

Maximum combined effectiveness and efficiency through personal productivity, group collaboration, and systems will always be fundamental to the knowledge worker.

And then ‘consolidating, systematising, and eventually, automating or replicating’ the single-resources talents.

My 2 cents.

Gavriel Shaw

Time Management for Professionals

Who else wants complete time management control?

Well congrats. You’ve got it. No really, I mean right now, you are already managing your time.

You have complete control over your time.

Besides the occasional experiences of time distortion, your experience of time remains quite solid and constant.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4.


Then 1 minutes, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4.

Time continues to tick tock forever onwards.

When you feel made the decision you want to investigate time management what did you really mean?

Perhaps you are not happy with your ability to organize?

Perhaps you don’t know what to spend your time on? I.e. what’s really important to your life direction.

Perhaps you do know what you want to do, but don’t know how to project manage yourself to use time wisely and efficiently to be maximally productive?

Check out the 8 Principles of Productivity.

Super-tip for maximising your productivity

I made a little video that reveals a big tip about super-productivity.

No matter if you are an online marketer or not, this productivity tool may give you the most amazing breakthrough in your creativity and effectiveness.

Read it below or watch the video presentation by clicking here:

online success video

-start of video transcript-

Hi this is Gavriel Shaw with a super-tip for maximising your productivity for online marketing (or anything else!).

Famous marketing consultant Dan Kennedy uses it in mailing campaigns…

Media pioneer Cecil Hoge taught it to multi-million dollar copywriter Gene Schwartz…

Legendary direct response marketer Gary Halbert recommended it…

And a Presidential candidate used it in recent campaigns…

What is it?

A yellow legal padyellow legal pad (order from Amazon)

Let me explain…

First, the number one secret to productivity for online marketing… or anything… can be captured in just 3 words:

Think On Paper

American mystery writer Harry Kemelman said

“Don’t think and then write it down. Think on paper.”

Don’t just think it, Ink it.

When you get away from the computer screen and use a yellow legal pad to brainstorm your thoughts, ideas,

frustrations, challenges, next steps, goals, and strategies, you automatically put yourself way ahead of your competition.

Why? What’s so special about ‘thinking on paper’. And why yellow paper?

A secret society multi-millionaire best selling author told it to me something like this:

“Typing on computer uses relatively few hand movements compared to the flow of writing by hand on paper…

White paper has a strong contrast and the mind experiences a finality to the work put on white paper. But with the soft of…

…yellow, the mind is more liberal and thus more creative. And with the natural flow…

…of writing with a pen, the whole mind fully engages and you can reach higher levels of creative intelligence automatically.”

And a fellow online marketer reported:

“Even though I’m a complete digi-geek, nothing beats the pen and pad for sales copy and brainstorming.”

When you experience the difference… when you sit down with that yellow legal pad and a pen or pencil…

…you will notice your mind relax and focus.

Creativity will soon gush from you that you may never have known you are capable of.

Does it seem like too much of a simple idea to really be effective?

What about this one:

In the 1930s, efficiency consultant Ivy Lee taught steel magnate and multi-millionaire Charles Schwab to:

“Have your Executives  prioritize their tasks and then do them in that order.”

Doesn’t seem like such a breakthrough idea does it?

Well Schwabb paid Lee $35k, in the 30s, for that one single tip after seeing the results.

Until we try things, we just don’t know that they work.

So don’t just take it from me, prove it to yourself.

There is a lot we don’t know about productivity and success.

And there is a lot we do know.

I have spent my professional and personal life searching for these simple secrets that have the greatest impact.

Use a yellow legal pad to do regular brainstorming and planning for your online marketing projects

Recently, my long-term marketing client and now good friend Dan Lew requested some input on some sales copy…

I came back to him with some revisions and he said:

Little does he know (until he sees this video) that one of my biggest secrets for writing copy is simply using my yellow legal pad. (get my white paper on how to choose a copywriter)

Of course this isn’t just about writing sales copy, it’s about brainstorming for all parts of online marketing.

In their book Thinking on Paper, Harvard professors Howard & Barton demonstrate…

“many of our thoughts first come into being only when put to paper”

You can probably remember that the times when you are most on top of things are the times when you have a peaceful clarity of mind and total conviction about what to do next.

You can feel that far more often when you start brainstorming on a yellow legal pad instead of at your computer.

So if you can accept my suggestion to at least give this a genuine try, and if you have any idea of the stature and success of men like Cecil Hoge, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, & Gene Schwartz, then I will be VERY happy to receive a check from you to the tune of $35k, or whatever you think reasonable, once you have benefited from the results. 🙂

Best of luck with it

So remember:

Don’t just think it, Ink it.

-end of video transcript-

Watch the video presentation by clicking here:

online success video

Get more super-tips like this for personal adventure, productivity or professional success…

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Productivity in the workplace | productivity efficiency

Productivity and efficiency can be very effectively managed using 3 levels to help you be more productive in the workplace and beyond.

Productivity Efficiency Level 1

Get organized around your workspace and within all of your containers (places you keep things including cabinets, computer folders, etc)

Only when you have a well organized space can you truly make the most of Level 2.

Productivity Efficiency Level 2

Now that you have Level 1 sorted, you can focus on prioritising and scheduling what needs to be done.  What are your projects?  Which ones provide higher return?

Productivity Efficiency Level 3

Now we reach the pinnacle of productivity in the workplace and at home through full time ownership.  You are organized. Your projects are prioritized.  Now you work to time-box your schedule so that all of your focus and attention can be placed on a very limited set of similar action steps to trail blaze a path to multiple project completion.


  1. First, get your workspace organized.
  2. Second, prioritize your workload and project list
  3. Third, group activities together in ‘time boxes’ on your schedule.

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A Warning About 'Creativity' In Business

‘Creativity’ is not the miraculous road to business growth and affluence that is so abundantly claimed these days… Those who extol the liberating virtues of corporate creativity… tend to confuse the getting of ideas with their implementation – that is, confuse creativity in the abstract with practical innovation.Theodore Levitt, ‘Creativity Is Not Enough’ (1963)

As a copywriter, the immortal words of Rosser Reeves always come to mind.  ‘Creativity is the most dangerous word in advertising’.

And another great copywriter Gene Schwartz said of creativity vs connectivity:

Creation is a lousy word.  It’s a lousy word that confuses what you really do to perform a simple little procedure.  Creation means create something out of nothing… only God can do that

Let’s talk about connectivity – connecting things together.  New means never joined before. The creativity is in your market and in your product, and all you are doing is joining the two together.

Of course this goes against the grain of mass popularity and Above The Line brand advertising.  But that’s because of the lack of discipline, effort, and understanding of so called brand advertisers, short-copy copywriters, and general marketing managers.

Many years ago I read a book by Robert Fritz called ‘Creating’.  I read his other books including The Path of Least Resistance for Managers (highly recommended).

In his genius body of work, Robert Fritz identifies an efficient process for innovation and creativity that protects against the danger warned by Rosser Reeves and Gene Schwartz’ of creativity easily extending beyond its validity.

Fritz identifies a clear-cut process that maintains a natural flexibility for controlling innovation.  Get my Productivity and Efficiency Report for details.

Time Management Tips For Professionals

So which time management tip are you after exactly?

Do you even know?

Or are you casually browsing the net expecting that a few tips for time management will make all the difference to your ongoing time management failures?


Perhaps. But what I’ve found is that the people looking for ‘tips’ are often the people most in need of a genuine time management overhaul.

Could that possibly include you to?

It’s no shame. In fact, I know that time management is hard.

Time Management Tips Galore

You can manage your time quite naturally once you understand what I reveal on the home page for the most crucial time management tips ever that lead to a new paradigm in time management skills.  Get the professional productivity video and case study.

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