Video Sales Letter Copy Sample for Sports Training Equipment

This VSL is to launch an innovative training equipment for Quarterback training. The product is in design and development so I can not reveal the complete script.

Here is the entire lead section of the VSL file that is sure to get any QB absolutely hooked on watching the rest of the sales video.

I’m not myself a football fan. So how could I possibly write compelling and relevant copy for the target audience?

Because, as many hall-of-fame copywriters have said, top performing copy is produced via 80% market research and only 20% of actual writing.

I went to the subject experts, the inventor of the equipment, I watched some games and I got into the mind-set of a Quarterback sitting in his locker room before a big game feeling the stress and disappointment about the training he’s received until that point. A gut wrenching anxiety that the market can relate to strongly.

So whatever your market, providing you have something of significant value or desire to promote, I can turn your insight, gather more of my own via research, and conjure copy that nails the deep emotions of your market, compelling them to take action and engage with your brand.

Here is the entire lead section of the VSL.

On the use of story in user-centered marketing

My first love in marketing is copywriting.

Not the creative stuff of big brand agencies, mind you..

Rather, the tradition of split-test direct response marketing.

A tradition which underpins the entire field of experience design.

[dc]H[/dc]ow so? Read More

Financial Copywriter

If you’re looking for a long-copy direct response copywriter, who works tirelessly to outperform existing controls, here’s why we should talk:

I launched the marketing function for one of the UK’s popular personal finance websites where I promoted equity investing and derivatives trading. That was back in 2007-08.

I’m also an experienced personal investor, with the emotional insight at first hand experience of making lots on the markets, and… well, yes ok… losing lots too.

I know how to understand the investors market — because I am an investor.

I know how to research and write poignant copy — because I’ve been doing that for years.

And depending on your project I can probably create winning copy for you too.

Get in touch and let’s discuss what you need to see if I suit.

PS. To be transparent, my investment interest is accumulating real assets (precious metals) while taking advantage of equity and derivative movements — as the Dollar races to zero and precious metals shoot to the moon. Copy projects aligned with that perspective are more likely to get my interest and involvement.

Website Copywriter

Since 1998 I have written website copy both for myself and clients.

To feel the giant squid tentacles of the multichannel world-wide-web expand over 15 years has given me the insight for crafting web copy that resonates appropriately and powerfully with many target audiences.

Without further ado, grab a copy of my white paper on this page and discover what most marketing managers or directors only wish they knew about how to choose a website copywriter that will deliver genuinely valuable copy that can be used over and over again.

Find the big red box on the right hand side and request your free copy of the paper now.


Direct Mail Copywriter

As former Head of Marketing for a marketing agency / email service provider in London UK, I saw a lot of customer data insight analysis and management, split cell testing and results analysis of campaigns.

Some of the clients were big brands, names that high street shoppers would recognize.

Direct response long copy is my number one business passion and I am now freelance and focus on developing customer insight and turning it into winning copy.

Explore the copywriter services page, request my white paper on the copywriter selection process on the right of this page, or contact me here.

Quick Turnaround Copy

Are you up against a tight deadline?

If you are in need of good quality copy without it needing to beat any current controls and can provide background information asap on the product, the target audience, etc. then I may be able to immediately spend the time to give you some quality copy super quick.

Get in touch and I’ll get the job done pronto.

I know you’re rushed. Half a dozen active projects. Dozens more on-hold. Meetings to attend. Campaigns to launch. And where is that darn copy?!

It’s right here. I can conjure quality copy that reaches inside the emotional center of your prospects mind and captivates their imagination until they gleefully take the action that you want of them.

And I can do it fast. Providing you do not need comprehensive fully researched copy (I can do that too but it takes more time), and are looking for something smooth enough, sophisticated enough, exciting and light enough, I am most definitely your man. And I can be available at the drop of a hat if you have an urgent need for fast turnaround copy.

It generally works like this: We get on the phone together and I briefly interview you such questions as “what are we promoting and who to?” I’ll quickly review any samples of campaigns that you can send me, and then I will get to work… Within hours you will have copy in your inbox which we can review together briefly again by phone for any necessary adjustments, and then away you go – run with the copy to meet your pending deadline.

Once you see the impressive results from my quick-turnaround copy service, we can discuss a schedule so you never have to scramble for emergency copy again.

Contact me right now and let me know you need quick turnaround copy or take a few moments to review my white paper available from the right hand side of this page.

Long Copy Copywriter

Direct Response Long Copy

Need long copy for a knock-out sales letter or sales video script?

Pick up a copy of my white paper on the link between marketing and the copywriter selection process and I am confident after seeing it you will know exactly who to retain for your next block-buster campaign.

Long copy is my passion. But like the old copywriters joke says…

“Copy should be like a ladies skirt… long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to keep it interesting.”

It flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but generally speaking the more you tell the more you sell.

If you sell merchandise on an eCommerce site, increase the size of your product descriptions and chances are your sales will increase. Include an unfoldable booklet on the side of your consumable products about the background, history and quality of your product, and chances are that sales will increase. Sometimes dramatically.

For a detailed description of how I approach writing long copy for my clients, see the white paper available from the right of this page.

B2C Consumer Promotions

B2C – Align With Your Customer

Consumer marketing must take full advantage of subtle psychological triggers to raise your offer above the competition… you need captivating copy that overcomes buying resistance and strengthens brand affinity.

Get copy that pushes every emotional hot button of your target audience to trump the competition.

You might think that being head of marketing for an ESP (email service provider) and an MSP (marketing service provider) would teach you a lot about consumer marketing wouldn’t you?

…sending out literally millions of emails every month on behalf of our known brand clients… truth be told I actually didn’t learn a great deal more than I knew already.

I’d already picked up the tricks of the trade over the past 10 years of marketing experience, but it was good to see all that data for major brands to validate what I had learned before from studying the greats of direct response marketing and implemented with dozens of previous clients.

Sure I learned new things, but the essence of consumer marketing remains the same as it has done for 150 years, in terms of how to position your product, company, and campaigns in the minds of your audience so they buy… a lot… right now.. then buy more, and recommend their friends.

See my white paper available on the right of this page for the 3-part secret, plus details of my copywriting service.

Copywriting Samples

I can’t very well let your competition or mine see my latest and greatest samples, can I?

So these copywriting samples are old…

If you are looking for a copywriter for hire, check out my copywriter services page and contact me. I can show you some new samples then.

This page shows copywriting samples up to 2009 for:

  • Web Promotion Pages
  • White Papers
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Print Ads
  • Sales Literature
  • Email Marketing

Sample: Web Promotion Pages

This example shows how straight forward and simple a promotion page can be.

As an unknown brand, the company branded banner actually reduced conversions by revealing the sales nature of the page. A plain editorial written long copy engaged the visitors and subsequently converted them to sales.


Sample: White Papers

Below is the front cover of a white paper written in late 2007.


You can access my mid 2007 white paper about SEO written for an advertising agency in mid 2007 on the Search Engine Optimisation page (opens in new window).

Sample: Corporate Literature

I’ve written for many clients in varying capacities since 1998. Clients and employers have included:


Here I began to edit the existing company brochure for Vantage Group (the largest independently owned loan brokerage in the UK at the time). I re-wrote the entire thing but unfortunately it was never printed because of the Credit Crunch of August/September 2007.


Sample: Print Ads


B2B back-page ad for the Loan Broker trade magazines for which my Ad Agency client gave me a one hour time limit! Now that’s ridiculous, but they were under pressure to get this done. I didn’t even know what an ‘Individual Voluntary Agreement’ was..

So I ended up billing the client just an hour and a half on something that should have taken much longer. They were very happy with that, and their client approved the advert for release.

To get it done in the shortest time possible I interviewed the Managing Director of the company by phone, and after 25 minutes had enough notes to spend another 1 hour evolving it into the Print Ad copy with all selling points and benefits emphasized.

Not easy in just an hour, and not recommended (the ad could certainly be improved).

It was not my choice of headline (the creative team in the Ad Agency got their way on that one. My original headline was:

Easily Turn IVA Leads Into More Profit

You can open a pdf of the ad in full size.

Sample: Sales Literature / Direct Mail

Loan Company

Magazine flyer insert promoting home owner loans. Since these flyers were being placed in women’s magazines, the concept I proposed was of testimonial type stories being told by happy customers in the style of the magazines the flyer would be placed in… but the client wanted something ‘straightforward and basic’ so that’s what they got.


Health Company

With the nutritional health and personal care company called Neways, I was involved with supporting independent distributors with promotions for direct mail, phone prospecting, live promotion events, face-to-face sales scripts, mail package inserts, presentation scripts and direct sales follow-up scripts.

Below is a ‘done at home’ look for a post card marketing campaign promoting health conscious personal care products in the US for my client who was an independent distributor.

Billboard side…


Face side…


You can download the pdf here.

Sample: Email Marketing


More Copywriting Samples

  • See the full size of the above stock market investment email broadcast, plus my email copy that beat an advertising agency control by 510% on the Email Copywriter page.
  • Check out my Copywriting Services main page.
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