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Key To Maximum Influence Through Content Marketing and/or Coaching

‘Emotive Compulsion’ Your customers inner-drive to make a change, to try something new… built on a bed of motivations including background beliefs, future desires, and current frustration. THESE are the reasons why customers buy new products… or coaching clients try new approaches to life. In marketing just as in coaching: We know the basis of choice is a balancing […]

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What is the role of content marketing in creating a great customer experience?

David Edelman, Principal at McKinsey, describes the content pipeline and how it needs to both feed and inform interactions across all touchpoints with the customer. High-budget low-volume content production needs to be displaced by low-budget high-volume content creation, based on the many touchpoints of audience interaction. The best brand experience throughout the buying process means […]

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Effective Interaction Designers Change Organisations

Jonathan Kahn is a web developer, user experience designer, and content strategist. He’s an advocate of user-centered design, web governance, and content strategy. He founded Together London in 2008. He’s also organizing the Content Strategy Forum 2011 in London. My take on Jonathan’s presentation Jonathan shares the frustration and key constraint of

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