Revenue Performance Management

Phil Fernandez excellent book ‘Revenue Disruption’ details the how and why of Revenue Performance Management through innovations in Marketing Automation.

One gratifying passage reads:

“…It’s not about having the best tagline or most exciting creative materials. Marketers have to think like a publisher who is tasked with creating consisent, relevant content for every stage of the revenue cycle. When it’s done right, this approach produces daramatically better results than traditional marketing techniques that rely on interrupting the customer”

If you want to consolidate marketing processes with a view to full revenue cycle insight (how to build the sales and marketing funnel with confidence at every step and produce reporting metrics that senior management will drool over) then get this book.

Best Selling Marketing Book – Available FREE!

This one has really “cooked my noodle.”

Mark Joyner is running a rather controversial experiment that
has already sent the marketing experts into a tizzy.

You’ve probably heard of his book “The Irresistible Offer” – it’s
what some call “one of the top 5 marketing books ever written”
and has been one of the best-selling marketing books of the last
3 years week after week.

Mark thinks that by giving it away in ebook form he is actually
going to boost sales of the book:

The Irresistible Offer

Is he right?

Only time will tell, but he makes some really good arguments –
even if they seem to fly in the face of what many people have
been saying over the last few years about the relationship
between digital downloads and print media.

I’ll be watching this one closely, and so should you.

Meanwhile, you should also definitely grab the download.

Dr. Joe Vitale said that the book is “the first breakthrough in
over 50 years” and it seems the entire pantheon of marketing
gods are in agreement.

It’s a deceptively simple read, but well, that’s what Mark is
famous for 🙂

The Irresistible Offer

Mark Joyner's New Book for Free

#1 best-selling author Mark Joyner, the man people like Dearl Miller call “the greatest marketing mind of our generation” has just released his new book, but it’s not yet available at your local bookstore.

Instead, he’s letting you download it now for free.

If you want to learn how to grow your business, this is an absolute must-read.

And the Integration Marketing Deal Board you’ll find there is one of the most powerful marketing resources on the net.

Marketing Resource Management | Jansen & Riemersma

Notes adapted from the book Marketing Resource Management by Jansen and Riemersma

  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Marketing Asset Managemet (MAM)

Customers protect themselves from the onslaught of unfamiliarity by giving greater loyaalty to those they know and trust.

Marketing operational volumes – the volume of unique marketing materials produced by a marketing department in a certain period.

Few marketers know the volume and diversity of marketing materials that their company produces on a monthly base.

An exponetial curve approximates a straight line when viewed for a brief enough duration.

Four Marketing Efficiency Directions

  • Cheaper – cost
  • Faster – turn-around-times
  • Better – quality
  • More – volume

Five resources

What needs to be created, by whom, using which technology, under which budget, in what timeframe?

  • Materials – input and output
  • Men/women – huma resource
  • Machines – infrastructure
  • Money – budgets
  • Minutes – time

A brilliant idea is measured by its effectiveness

A brilliant execution is meaured by its efficiency

efficiency equals – the ratio of the output to the input of any system.

“I’m confused… But on a higher level” – Groucho Marx

Three main processes

  1. Create: content/publishing
  2. Produce: ordering/production
  3. Distribute: channel/end user

Create once, use many”

“Starbucks staffed and re-staffed head of marketing give times in severn years; coca-cola changed its CMO four times in six years; Kinkos staffed the position three times in five years.

Today’s CMO is forced into a short-term point of iew, dirven by short tenur and relentless quartlery performance pressure. If a CMO has less than 3 years on average to succeed they are not going to be motivated towars longer term MOM or MRM marketing process renegineering, but by quick wins and shorterm results that impact their careers” Bruce Biegel, MD, Winterberry Group, 2008

We can get greater quantities of every other resource we need except time – Peter Drucker

  • Define Objectives
  • Define Scope
  • Allocate resources
  1. Consolidate
  2. Standardize
  3. Automate
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