How To Select Your Next Advertising Copywriter

I have just revised the introduction pages of the white paper on choosing a copywriter.

The paper explains how professional marketers and business owners can approach, select, judge, and guide a copywriter…

…explaining the link between:

  • business strategy (market definition, segmentation, and targeting)
  • and the copywriters process of ‘getting inside the head of the customer and delivering compelling sales copy.

Grab a copy of the paper from my copywriting services page.

Professional Advertising Copywriter Selection


My white paper…

“Exposing the link between your marketing success and your copywriter selection process”

…has a fresh coat of paint.

  • I’ve highlighted my 3-part formula that beat an ad agency by 510% in a split-test.
  • I’ve also included a quote by Claude Hopkins which is probably the first ever identification of an irresistible offer, more recently labelled a ‘mafia offer’.
  • The Research section has also been expanded to include all 5-types of ‘insight’ that your copywriter needs in order to do the best job possible for your campaign.

Here it is:

Professional Advertising Copywriter Selection.

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