Super-tip for maximising your productivity

I made a little video that reveals a big tip about super-productivity.

No matter if you are an online marketer or not, this productivity tool may give you the most amazing breakthrough in your creativity and effectiveness.

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online success video

-start of video transcript-

Hi this is Gavriel Shaw with a super-tip for maximising your productivity for online marketing (or anything else!).

Famous marketing consultant Dan Kennedy uses it in mailing campaigns…

Media pioneer Cecil Hoge taught it to multi-million dollar copywriter Gene Schwartz…

Legendary direct response marketer Gary Halbert recommended it…

And a Presidential candidate used it in recent campaigns…

What is it?

A yellow legal padyellow legal pad (order from Amazon)

Let me explain…

First, the number one secret to productivity for online marketing… or anything… can be captured in just 3 words:

Think On Paper

American mystery writer Harry Kemelman said

“Don’t think and then write it down. Think on paper.”

Don’t just think it, Ink it.

When you get away from the computer screen and use a yellow legal pad to brainstorm your thoughts, ideas,

frustrations, challenges, next steps, goals, and strategies, you automatically put yourself way ahead of your competition.

Why? What’s so special about ‘thinking on paper’. And why yellow paper?

A secret society multi-millionaire best selling author told it to me something like this:

“Typing on computer uses relatively few hand movements compared to the flow of writing by hand on paper…

White paper has a strong contrast and the mind experiences a finality to the work put on white paper. But with the soft of…

…yellow, the mind is more liberal and thus more creative. And with the natural flow…

…of writing with a pen, the whole mind fully engages and you can reach higher levels of creative intelligence automatically.”

And a fellow online marketer reported:

“Even though I’m a complete digi-geek, nothing beats the pen and pad for sales copy and brainstorming.”

When you experience the difference… when you sit down with that yellow legal pad and a pen or pencil…

…you will notice your mind relax and focus.

Creativity will soon gush from you that you may never have known you are capable of.

Does it seem like too much of a simple idea to really be effective?

What about this one:

In the 1930s, efficiency consultant Ivy Lee taught steel magnate and multi-millionaire Charles Schwab to:

“Have your Executives  prioritize their tasks and then do them in that order.”

Doesn’t seem like such a breakthrough idea does it?

Well Schwabb paid Lee $35k, in the 30s, for that one single tip after seeing the results.

Until we try things, we just don’t know that they work.

So don’t just take it from me, prove it to yourself.

There is a lot we don’t know about productivity and success.

And there is a lot we do know.

I have spent my professional and personal life searching for these simple secrets that have the greatest impact.

Use a yellow legal pad to do regular brainstorming and planning for your online marketing projects

Recently, my long-term marketing client and now good friend Dan Lew requested some input on some sales copy…

I came back to him with some revisions and he said:

Little does he know (until he sees this video) that one of my biggest secrets for writing copy is simply using my yellow legal pad. (get my white paper on how to choose a copywriter)

Of course this isn’t just about writing sales copy, it’s about brainstorming for all parts of online marketing.

In their book Thinking on Paper, Harvard professors Howard & Barton demonstrate…

“many of our thoughts first come into being only when put to paper”

You can probably remember that the times when you are most on top of things are the times when you have a peaceful clarity of mind and total conviction about what to do next.

You can feel that far more often when you start brainstorming on a yellow legal pad instead of at your computer.

So if you can accept my suggestion to at least give this a genuine try, and if you have any idea of the stature and success of men like Cecil Hoge, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, & Gene Schwartz, then I will be VERY happy to receive a check from you to the tune of $35k, or whatever you think reasonable, once you have benefited from the results. 🙂

Best of luck with it

So remember:

Don’t just think it, Ink it.

-end of video transcript-

Watch the video presentation by clicking here:

online success video

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