Structural Tension Charting

Structural Tension Charting radically improves your approach to managing business and life.

I have taken Robert Fritz concept of Structural Tension Charting and combined it with my own integrations and the work of other noteables such as Peter Senge and Eli Goldratt to create what I am currently calling an Outcome Chart (as available inside the 7 Steps of Organizing).SolutionPath

What would it take to commercialise the following?

Freeing people to create the lifestyle necessary to fill their deepest criteria for contentment, by providing the precise information references and tools that will facilitate the manifestation of there dreams and wishes into reality.

The organizing principle of structural tension…

Structural Tension Charting

Here are the principles:

  • Tension is the basic unit of Structure
  • Tension exists out of discrepancy:  It is a dynamic of structure that causes energy to move along the path of least resistance
  • The path of least resistance is the principle that in nature, energy moves where it is easiest to go
  • Structural tension is the discrepancy between two states, our desired state as compared to our current state

Structural tension charting facilitates the resolution of structural tension through allowing the visual representation of current reality, with the building up of all the steps that will get us to the desired reality.

Each Chart is comprised of a Current Reality box, a Desired Reality box, and a box inbetween for ‘how to get from here to there. This comprises a Structural Tension Chart.

It really is quite simple…

Robert Fritz book The path of least resistance for Managers explicates the system of structural tension charting. (See an article review of the book here).

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