Strategic phases for product launches (Q&A)

Q1. The emails were originally designed for an evergreen product. Once-off launches are so tedious and takes so much energy and then its difficult to relaunch soon after. What’s your take?

An evergreen launch is only possible once the funnel is optimized for conversions of established traffic sources. You’re not at the stage to be thinking evergreen yet until you validate with cold traffic and make all of the necessary adjustments. Like I said, I believe properly scripted launch videos are needed for cold traffic campaigns to maximize conversions. Launches are not easy projects and need a big commitment.

Q2. The price of $495 dollars – its pricey in South African terms or I suppose hits the spot with ALL the bonuses im offering. I was thinking that Im probably selling myself (and you) short. Should I not do it at $995 and offer a 20% coupon if they buy today in a time frame? My auto resonder allows for this? I know empirically coupons work in some cases but apparently – “the cart is closing” works better. But can I use both? Or am I complicating issues? Just need you input on a. scarcity offer if evergreen, b. scarcity offer if once off launch? I suppose test and measure works but need to take a stance on this one. Whats your view?

If $495 is pricey they $900 would be doubly pricey. Bottom line from strategic marketing there’s no shortage of traffic online once you get a converting funnel, so pricing strategy for a new launch should focus on getting the most amount of sales while tracking the conversion rates throughout the funnel. That allows you to identify the weakest links in the change with more data in your analytics report. Then you can test price points with additional traffic campaigns to maximize EPC (earnings per click), or ‘ROI’. Yes you could do a 20% or 45% coupon discount. The video sales letter should show the price reduction from say $10,000 down to $2,000 down to the real price.

Launches need scarcity. In this case you can simply provide all customers with full access so you don’t need to worry about bonus fulfillment. Just send everyone an email saying ‘to heck with it I’m giving you everything’. The reason for building scarcity in the launch is to push them over the edge so you make the sales. But you can still give them all the bonuses if you want to.

Q3. Affiliates. My system easily allows for tracking and a portal and it would be a great way to boost emails. I guess I can approach one or two but maybe is should attempt an internal launch first. All this uncertainty drives me nuts

Yes the uncertainty with launches is solved by the phased launch approach. First do a real internal launch, which means no autoresponder email sequences, it’s a conversation with your list to add value and build anticipation. Second is to then do a cold traffic launch to validate conversions on cold traffic. Third launch can then be a JV launch given that you now have a proven conversion funnel.

Good luck with the first internal test launch.

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