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Productivity and efficiency can be very effectively managed using 3 levels to help you be more productive in the workplace and beyond.

Productivity Efficiency Level 1

Get organized around your workspace and within all of your containers (places you keep things including cabinets, computer folders, etc)

Only when you have a well organized space can you truly make the most of Level 2.

Productivity Efficiency Level 2

Now that you have Level 1 sorted, you can focus on prioritising and scheduling what needs to be done.  What are your projects?  Which ones provide higher return?

Productivity Efficiency Level 3

Now we reach the pinnacle of productivity in the workplace and at home through full time ownership.  You are organized. Your projects are prioritized.  Now you work to time-box your schedule so that all of your focus and attention can be placed on a very limited set of similar action steps to trail blaze a path to multiple project completion.


  1. First, get your workspace organized.
  2. Second, prioritize your workload and project list
  3. Third, group activities together in ‘time boxes’ on your schedule.

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