New Online Product Launches

Here’s how online launches are being played today…

(I’ve kept light on the detail as I’m not going to give away trade secrets here ūüôā

At the beginning of launch:  Do not openly launch full direct response copy about the product to everyone on the website.  And do not make the product available to anyone.

First, run an email launch phase thus:

Keep detail about the product bland and generic (thus no use of slogans, or even USPs), being provocative enough just enough to get the attention of our target prospects for the launch.

And then get them to opt-in to an update list.  That is the first and most important goal of online marketing.  I.e. The list.

Then proceed through the…

4 stages of new social marketing product launches

[private_basic membership]

1. Build interest

2. Create bonding

3. Prove claims

4. Provide samples

Build interest without full disclosure by building curiosity, anticipation, etc. By hinting or alluding to the product benefits and the Big Promise, including the ‘hook’.

Create bonding by being helpful, informative, getting involved in prospect discussions, asking for feedback, showing the spokesman’s personality, making the spokesman human rather than a non-personal sales pitch. ¬†Provide videos of an interview with the key developers, project managers, product designers, etc.

Prove claims by logically validating the prospects experience and methods, tying it to the ease of use of the product. This is where specific USPs, feature/benefits/advantages are fully disclosed and explained. Provide testimonials if you have them. If not, get some. What other credibility elements do you have to support your Big Promise claims?

Provide samples – Perhaps you have an introduction chapter if you are offering an ebook, or a video preview of the members area if you are promoting a private site, or any other kind of positive experience that you can provide your prospect through sampling something related.

These 4 stages are tied in with the actual launch sequence:

I can’t discolose the actual email launch sequence as it’s quite aggressive, outrageous, and powerful.

For clients eyes only. [/private_basic membership]

Those 4 stages above create the legitimate brand positioning (through today’s ‘citizen media’ web 2.0 social marketing arena), whilst using Direct Response principles and rich media content (also good for SEO).

Aggressive marketing ties all area into one, for a genuine prospect building relationship, through (almost) full disclosure, providing value in the promotion sequence, whilst being enjoyably entertaining as well.

Just do a search for the top viral videos of 2007 and you’ll get a small glimpse of this overall puzzle.

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