My Position on Creative Advertising

With my one hundred year background experience gleaned by studying the history of direct response advertising (mail order, direct mail, and print advertising)… my position on ‘creative’ advertising is this:

Combining an accurate well researched copy platform with the right mix of campaign execution, is far different from being ‘creative’.

This is vitally important to me as a direct marketer and copywriter.

‘Creative’ agencies often miss the potency and necessity of tying the product with the markets state of awareness (needs/wants) and their level of sophistication (how defined the offer is, how many times the prospect has been exposed to it, or similar offers from competitors).

You might be interested to know that David Ogilvy quoted Rosser Reeves as saying

“creativity is the most dangerous word in advertising”.


Because it is equally important for innovative marketing success as it is a cause for possible marketing failure.

Advertising and marketing must suitably match the buying process of the target market.

It is from that direct response copywriting perspective that allowed me the 510% response increase (1900% ROI) at an Ad Agency – after which the Marketing Director had me prepare copywriting training for her staff.

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Posted by Gavriel

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