Breaking Inertia; Building Momentum

In 2009 I reported to Chairman Richard Lees at data company DBG (later acquired by as their Head of Marketing for Email Services. Richard taught me a fascinating lesson that stuck with me to this day.

He explained that at the bottom of every bottleneck within a business, is senior management.

He believed that no hurdle in technology, or any external forces, could limit the success of a business venture more than the people directly involved in managing it.

That’s a lot of responsibility. It was also empowering and helps develop the discipline and focus to take strong actions.

Most junior staff can never appreciate the mental juggling act that senior management endures every single day.

CyclicMedia brings that high-minded big picture and commercial experience to your growth team.

We can agree a simple rolling contract retainer, cancellable at any time by either side, agreed with a long-term view.

Onboarding can be done with minimal time on your part to connect us to the right data sources and people.

We then produce documents with Executive Summaries, giving you the big picture overview, along with all of the nitty gritty details should you wish to review it.

This helps free up your time, and mental capacity, to control growth, without the uncertainties of missing anything.

Confidence to continue comes in month 1, with a professional-grade of order being added to growth plans, and a clear road-map for community engagement, acquisition, retention, and revenue.

We use what’s known as Pirate Metrics given the acronym AARRR, which stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.

Posing for Pirate Metrics: AARRR!!

CyclicMedia does not limit our time or bill by the hour, we are available, accessible, open, responsive, engaged, and committed.

We also provide access to our 12-module program which can be reviewed by staff to help discuss and explore the opportunities for growth based on key marketing channels, budget management, and a process of ongoing improvement.

If all this sounds overly formal, let’s start by getting connected.

ICO funded startup PrimalBase, co-working office in London. CyclicMedia HQ

I typically work out of the PrimalBase office in London.

We can always jump on a call to meet each other. No obligation or rush. Let’s see if we have chemistry. I enjoy meeting the people leading the way of the future token economy.

At the Grand Opening of PrimalBase London early October

Use the Contact Page to send an email, or catch me on Telegram @GavrielShaw