Lead Generation

Just about one of the most important elements of your marketing process is getting the opt-in.

This means capturing your visitors contact details so that you can follow up to obtain the sale.

Your acquisition marketing depends on leads. And most people do not buy on the first exposure to your product. Therefore marketers entice prospects into an extended marketing funnell via opt-in offers..

…For capturing visitor contact details (generally name and email) by giving away something of enticing value, for the purpose of follow-up email sales campaigns.

A free report. A free product sample. Etc.

A few examples of landing pages I have worked on:











Conversion Resources:


In the social media world people associate with personal brands more than with company brands. People interacting with people on a personal level is what the social web is all about.
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“Over 50 percent of consumers perceive companies that provide communication features such as real-time dialog as progressive, advanced, and eager to please the customer.”

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