Launch Strategy & Management

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Are you gearing upto launch a new product or service area?

Here’s a partial check-list we use:

  • Audience identified, profiled and targeted?
  • Landing pages designed and developed?
  • Messaging throughout the lead generation and sales funnel determined?
  • Tracking scripts in place to measure full 360 ROI of the campaign from social through to paid advertising?
  • Social profiles created and branded with abacklog of social updates ready to go and scheduled?
  • Email capture integration ready with autoresponder email messages ready to go in the CRM?
  • eCommerce integrations or sales people at the ready?

It’s quite a list. And that’s only general top-level highlights.

The nitty gritty details are inexhaustible.

The best strategic approach depends entirely on your specific unique situation and objectives.

Speak to Gavriel about your status, get some ideas, request a proposal if appropriate, and if we’re a good fit, Cyclic Media can support any or every step of your launch process. Send us an enquiry todayand we’llarrange a proposal.

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