How to fix an unclear brand and marketing strategy


The challenges I see are:

  1. No brand strategy
  2. An unclear marketing strategy

The second you are assisting us on.

But I think we may have a deeper brand issue.


Garth, to me brand strategy and positioning are the same thing, and positioning is exactly the process I am guiding you guys through.

A positioning statement fills in the blanks

we provide ___ to ____ who ____.

For example:

we provide personality type relationships advice to house wives who feel bored in their current marriage and want to re-invigorate their various passions.

That’s a positioning statement.

The brand is thus built around that insight.

Once you guys have identified the separate niche target markets.

Then we can move to splitting the sales page into separate appropriate pages with unique sales messages relevant to each positioning statement.

The ‘branding’ will evolve from that.


I see your point.

I was more referring to what the company stands for.


The company must stand for whatever the positioning statement is. Really.


Ok. makes sense.


Not some airy fairy abstract idealist notion of values, but precisely what it is that the target market wants, needs and will response to.


Got you.


Happy to tackle any objections or concerns or other ideas.

But I think if you focus on what I’ve just suggested, you’ll be happy with the overall company branding outcome.


Sure. Thanks.

Posted by Gavriel

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