Flawed shopping cart usability and poor customer experience from PC World Business

I just filled in the order cancellation form on PC World Business which on clicking submit loaded a page that did not confirm whether the form had submitted or not…

Hence I’ll post this here and link to it on Twitter so hopefully I’ll get a confirmation my message and cancellation has been received…

Contact form message:


After phoning to enquire where my order is after it failing to arrive on next day delivery, I was told it would be several weeks.

As a marketer of some 15 years I suggest that PC World Business needs to prioritise customer experience and customer care if it wants to survive and prosper in the experience economy.

I appreciate businesses are struggling with various factors, but consumers and companies alike need to become customer-centric, with diligence in customer communication and respect.

Then you’ll develop customer loyalty. Otherwise you’ll only encourage customer churn and negative sentiment on social channels.


Please cancel this order and confirm.


Order Number


You can see on the image attached that the shopping cart saying ‘ordered on request’ followed by a check-out page giving an option for next day delivery, does not help to explain that my order would not arrive for ‘several weeks’.


Personal Note:

Nothing but respect for the people that work hard at PC World Business and any where else in user experience, demand generation, customer service or performance management.

I would really like to see organisations raise the game across all aspects of value creation, customer service and growth. Sometimes we have to call each other out to help get things moving.

Onwards and upwards.

Posted by Gavriel

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