Email Marketing

One of the most important areas of marketing… and one of my personal favorites… is email marketing.

I often recommend Aweber for small business use if direct sales via personal contact CRM is not required.

When planning email campaigns, think along these two style types, and blend them accordingly for your audience:

  • The first option is based on “story and relationship.”
  • The second is “strategy and results.”


If you are an affiliate marketer, or want to create an extended series of automatically sent emails then here is a format I can recommend:

Send 1 mesage per day for the first 4 days (to establish the relationship and awareness)… then move to sending 1 email every 3 days… Make 90 days worth of messages (= 10 emails), each independent from the other. Over time, track the open rates, and click through rates for each, and swap the order so that the best performing emails come earlier in the sequence.

Email Tracking

In fact, if your emails are so valuable and useful, prospects will return to them a numbr of times, which can mean that your open-rates and click-through rates can exceed 100% of your sent rate. Here’s a diagram from one of my own email campaigns:



Email marketing must be done to bond with your prospect, build your credibility, and then sell your product.

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