Cyclic Media Agency

for sustainable growth in the token economy...

Cyclic Media Agency

For sustainable growth in the crypto market...

We help digital asset startups turn funding and vision  into real-world success via three pillars of growth:

1. Identity

Identity is the new currency. Your brand must align with the BFDs (beliefs, frustrations and desires) of your audience. 

2. Edutainment

Today's customer needs more than offers and education. They expect entertainment, inspiration, and transparent engagement. 

3. Opportunity

Discover the exact customer experience that inspires word-of-mouth referrals: The holy grail for rapid scale. 

Build on those three pillars and you can start a movement 

Blockchain startups post-ICO have struggled. Funding and a vision has not meant market traction. Soon, customers in the token economy will be overwhelmed by opportunity. Short-term push-marketing campaigns quickly lose power. To build momentum for growth — you'll need to inspire a movement.

CyclicMedia can help you grow via:

  • Strategic insight
  • Campaign development
  • Split test optimisation

HQ at PrimalBase London (ICO funded startup)

Answer questions like:  

  • How much emphasis to put on social media vs paid advertising?
  • Does email lead generation really work to drive sales in today’s market? 
  • Is Facebook and Google advertising really the missing piece of the puzzle, or just a distraction for better ad channels? 
  • Should you publish to lots of platforms: Medium, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Quora? 
  • What price do you pay for not having a PR program including press kit, and media outreach? 
  • What’s the best social monitoring platform to drive growth vs strengthen retention?
  • How do you ensure the best Cost Per Install for engaged mobile app users — not just the cheapest?
  • At what point do you need a marketing performance Dashboard, and what value can it really provide to efficient and rapid growth targets? 
  • What hires should you make, how should you interview candidates for quality, and in what order should you hire: social manager, paid ad manager, marketing designer, community manager, affiliate manager, email/CRM manager, CRO manager, and so on? 
  • What budget categories are important for different phases of growth? 
  • How to measure the best traffic channels and focus the team on priority campaigns?
  • What tools to use for efficient marketing project management beyond what your competition is doing? 
  • How to size up the competition and use their weaknesses to your advantage — before they do the same to you? 
  • What’s the real use case for customer personas and how to combine customer-centric ‘jobs to be done’ with product / web experience?

"As a certified Life-Coach, with a degree in Marketing and Advertising... [project] stood out for me - Gavriel's tone and use of language makes each sentence a pleasure to read...I'm compelled to read on, clicking on every page, and wanting to find out more!"

Kelly E, 2015
Relationship Coach

Learnt more about digital marketing from a 1 hour meeting with Gavriel than my whole first year at uni #impressed

Lottie Richards 

"I'd say what Gavriel doesn't know about online marketing / SEO / SEM isn't worth knowing. A true knowledgeable & enthusiastic professional!"

Than Kine, 2008
Video Consultant Lead, Google, EMEA

My email address gets hammered with spam and worthless offers, but your products are worth 100, 1000; maybe even a million times anything I’ve seen advertised in my email inbox.

Curtis Ah Shay

Hello Gavriel, I went through your site and portfolios and am absolutely floored by the emotion provoking content you are able to create.

D Roye

Gavriel, You are the best sales copywriter ever!

Dan Lew, Serial Entrepreneur

I used your [________] sales page as a template to re-do mine and my conversions doubled!

Ann White

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