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Imagine access to a senior copywriter with solid marketing management experience…

Such a copywriter would understand the performance requirements of your marketing program and could support you with:

  • High quality yet uncostly market research where necessary
  • Strategic insight for co-creating campaigns that fit together brilliantly
  • And sales copy delivered efficiently to help reach your marketing performance targets

On reviewing my white paper “Exposing The Link Between Your Marketing Performance and Your Copywriting Selection Process” you will have far greater confidence in how to find and choose copywriting services.

In fact:

You’ll instantly know more about finding and managing people who can deliver winning copy than most Marketing Managers and Directors ever will. And it’s FREE.

My bet, of course… is that you’ll then want to hire me.

The paper explains how professional marketers and business owners can approach, select, judge, and guide a copywriter by explaining the link between…

  • business strategy (market definition, segmentation, and targeting)
  • and the copywriters process of ‘getting inside the head of the customer and delivering compelling sales copy’.

Get the white paper via the red box on the right or see the page ‘how to choose a copywriter‘…

With experience as a senior marketing manager, advertising agency copywriter, and freelancer, I provide copy far beyond agency quality for higher response. How? Because I can take my time for genuine research, plus I have the knack for writing copy that sells; to draw traffic, progress the sales pipeline and seal the deal.

Copy Type: Long Copy, Fast Turnaround Copy, B2B Copy (with the right insight to attract senior company managers), B2C Promotions Copy.

Medium: Email Copy, Direct Mail Copy, Event Marketing Copy, Website Copy.

Industry Specialties: Health Copy, Self-Help Copy, Financial Copy, Freedom Movement Copy.

More: Copywriting Samples, Endorsements, How to Choose a Copywriter.

So for B2B Lead Generation… Consumer Sales… diligently researched long copy or fast-turnaround emergency copy, visit my copywriter hire page…

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