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Copywriting in London is at a cross roads…

On the one side we have a rich and mature history of marketing and advertising.

David Ogilvy himself, although not British (A Scottsman advertising legend and direct response copywriter — founder of Ogilvy and Mathers) provides a strong voice of reason to UK copywriters, even to this day.

Yet London advertising is still awash with ATL brand awareness short copy with cutesy pictures and zero performance metrics. General advertising and direct response has a great divide, said Ogilvy.

As a London copywriter, I uphold the ethos of pure direct response. I’m a direct response long copy copywriter. I write to sell. Not to entertain. I write to persuade right now. Not in some ephemeral general ‘brand building’ way…

But with the advent of real-time performance analytics, all online marketing is falling under the umbrella of direct response marketing and advertising. Because each promotion is becoming trackable dollar to dollar (or pound to pound).

Copywriting in London requires the research skill, writing flexibility, and salesmanship, of the great legends of direct response copywriting that the UK and London has sorely lacked.

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