Compensation Audit

In a free-market economy, all stakeholders become benefactors of a successful company:

  • Customers benefit from the product itself.
  • Society indirectly benefits from the direct benefits for the customers.
  • Staff benefit from career development.
  • Company owners benefit from added shareholder value: Visit the Shareholder Value Analysis page.

A Word On CSR

However, Corporate Social Responsibility will hopefully bring about a change in business pursuits, mainly from the ostracism and ‘vote’ given to companies by customers who no longer buy from companies that create value destroying products, such as cigarettes, such as drugs, such as politics.
That’s not to say laws should be imposed on companies to adhere to corporate social responsibility policies. The free market itself can impose such policies by the dynamics of ostracism and consumer interest groups, except where they act as political lobbyist groups which are themselves immoral as they reject individual rights of the consumer.

Posted by Gavriel

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