Why Client Experience Management trumps Customer Experience Management for maximum profitability

I used to work for a millionaire entrepreneur who gave me access to Jay Abraham’s multi-volume Marketing Encyclopedia… it gave me a Jedi intuition for good marketing strategy which I still have never had the opportunity to fully put to work…

Jay Abraham charges $40,000 per day for one-to-one business coaching and has no shortage of clients.

If you want to see Jay get bigged-up, watch clip 1.

Jay’s message in this second clip is this:

Webster defines ‘customer’ as someone who buys a product or service.

Webster defines ‘client’ as someone under the ‘care and protection of’.

Do your ‘customers’ just want to be sold to, or do they want to be cared for and protected?

Which approach is a better level of service?

The ultimate business differentiation is to treat your ‘customers’ as highly valued, respected, cared for premium clients.

Hence client experience management is the pinnacle of customer experience management.

Posted by Gavriel

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