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Category Archives for "6. Performance Management"

How can I tolerate working for ‘the corporation’?

[dc]I[/dc]’m often questioned on how I can work in marketing for ‘the corporation’ of consumerism which apparently is devoid of humanity… First: Understand that business means ‘value exchange’, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s what a humanistic society is based on. Second: Yes of course today’s world is in a shambles: political […]

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Revenue Performance Management

Phil Fernandez excellent book ‘Revenue Disruption’ details the how and why of Revenue Performance Management through innovations in Marketing Automation. One gratifying passage reads: “…It’s not about having the best tagline or most exciting creative materials. Marketers have to think like a publisher who is tasked with creating consisent, relevant content for every stage of […]

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Time Management for the New Professional

I’ve not posted here for a long while because of my new professional development website over at www.cyclicmedia.com has taken precedence. Over there you’ll find insider short-cuts to professional development with a focus on productivity, management, and marketing. For the best time management system available by far.. and I know because I developed it after […]

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Time Management Course

Consider all that you can gain from attending a time management course. * Integrate proven time management techniques into your daily processes * Make informed decisions about what you do and when * Apply a structured whole-brain process to shape your current and future commitments * Proactively schedule tasks and construct weekly plans and daily […]

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Workforce Management Training

How to achieve strong workforce time management What a nightmare… timesheets, corporate management, employee tracking, management development, employee scheduling, timekeeping, facilities management, the list of elements for workforce time management truly stretches as far as the sun. But let’s be practical. You barely have enough time to DO the work on your plate every day, […]

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Time Management Training Course

How to choose a time management training course …with one arm tied behind your back… Many areas are involved with time management training.. so much so that finding good quality time management training course for yourself or your team can be difficult. In fact, using a bad training program can have a hugely detrimental effect […]

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Project Management vs Time Management

Project Management Organizing the activities necessary to accomplish projects. Projects are any desired outcome that contains more than one physical action (tasks) to be accomplished. Project management requires several combined skills, including being able to organize, make decisions, ask good quality questions, analyze and track progress, and then manage your time. If you’re working in […]

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