41.94% Result Rate for Pennies using Video Ads on Facebook!

Normally I can’t share fresh campaign data due to client NDAs — however, in this case I’m partners in a project and showing you our metrics is fair game!

So here’s a demonstration of how you can use micro-budget campaigns to test new marketing concepts before rolling out into broader ad spend…

The Channel of Choice

One of the most powerful methods for testing new campaign ideas, creative concepts, headlines and audience demographics is through the Facebook Advertising platform.

See the screenshot below showing results for 7 video adverts run for just a few days.

The goal is to determine the best cost/engagement ratio for video views. The column most noteworthy is for ‘Relevancy’ on the far right showing the numbers, 6, 7, 8.


Relevancy is Facebooks assessment of how engaging each advert is for the targeted audience out of a maximum possible score of 10.

Facebook’s algorithm calculates the Relevancy Score once an advert has received 500 impressions, or ‘Reach’.

This means we can run simultaneous test ads with 500 impressions each to gauge how well the ad would perform on a larger budget to the same audience profile.

Cherry-Pick The Sweetspot Of Your Audience

If you’re unfamiliar with how granular Facebook audience targeting can be, here’s an example:


That’s 150k women age 40-50 living in one of those 5 major US cities who are interested in dating and also interested in romance novels…

Keeping It Relevant Reduces Ad Costs

Achieving a high relevancy score also means that Facebook will, over time, charge you less per view or click as they reward you with lower ad costs the more you support a positive user experience for Facebook members. Think about it.

Keep It Simple

I didn’t run all 7 ads at once. That would be overkill. Best to test 2 or 3 concepts at a time and then refine and advance based on results.

The first adverts I ran hit a 6 and a 7 for Relevancy. That gave me direction for the next mini-test (each taking less than a day to run) and so I hit another 6 plus two 8’s.

The next test will focus on the similarities and differences between those adverts to help identify new ideas to test and increase the Relevancy score as much as possible for this particular campaign and audience.

How well does this correlate with click-through rate?

Just 0.5% CTR on one of the original concepts with a massive increase hitting 4% CTR for the best performing ad.


I’m not saying you need to get a Relevancy Score of 8 or that you’ll then see a 4% average CTR. Just that the correlation of Relevancy with CTR is demonstrably evident. My goal for this campaign is Relevance Score 9 with 8% CTR.

Such metrics are always useful for presenting to budget approvers, in team meetings and end of month results meetings. Especially when you show highly cost-efficient due diligence of innovative new marketing concepts to build support for bigger budget approvals.

In this way we can validate ideas for new marketing campaigns. And while it’s still early days on this particular campaign, it’s gratifying to see CTR go up 706% within just a few days, 2 test iterations and pocket change.

Facebook Is The Perfect Channel For Testing

Below includes a column for ‘Result Rate’ which in this case is the percentage of people who watch at least 10 seconds of the video advert once it shows up on their Facebook News Feed.

+40% of people watching more than 10 seconds of an ad that is costing pennies to deliver shows the incredible opportunity of Video Advertising on Facebook today.


And here shows the reduction in overall Cost Per Click with increase in Relevancy, CTR and Result Rate.


From £1.62 CPC down to £0.10 CPC. A 93.8% reduction!

Could that difference turn a highly unprofitable campaign into a profitable one? Of course…

Next steps for this campaign is to start tracking it from the click through to confirmed lead generation (and therefore measure Cost Per Lead). Brand engagement can be tracked in various ways although I prefer measuring opt-in rate as a KPI for brand engagement for trackable campaign funnels.

From there I can track individual ads through to sales and thereby calculate ROI down to the penny.

But where to focus?

If you’ve ever seen a car mechanic tighten the bolts on a wheel you’ll see he rotates around them, tightening them a little each time.

Why? Because if he tightened one of the bolts fully without ensuring the others are aligned, he might actually get the bolt stuck rather than securely fastening the wheel.

And it’s the same with campaign testing.

With the above results I can introduce elements from winning ads into the landing page and subsequent email nurture campaigns leading to sales.

However: We don’t want to invest lots of time and effort across all parts of a conversion funnel while still establishing what works best for a particular campaign (including segmentation, offer, headlines, etc).

Update: On the next round of micro-tests the campaign has achieved Facebook’s highly coveted maximum Relevancy score of 10, with a 8.59% click-through-rate at just 0.13 average cost per click! Time to optimize the next step in this sales funnel.



Your Next Steps

It’s so easy to start testing concepts and exploring ideas, hunting for the next blockbuster winner that could become key to your growth strategy in the year ahead.

If you don’t have the expertise or capacity in-house for this type of project, and would like to get the ball rolling with minimal effort, I can create campaigns that meet your brand guidelines and get them running for you very fast. Most likely for far less investment in resource or ad spend than you would get in-house or with a traditional agency.

Send an enquiry today and let’s find a few winning concepts that you can roll-out across your marketing.

What is the role of content marketing in creating a great customer experience?

David Edelman, Principal at McKinsey, describes the content pipeline and how it needs to both feed and inform interactions across all touchpoints with the customer.

High-budget low-volume content production needs to be displaced by low-budget high-volume content creation, based on the many touchpoints of audience interaction.

The best brand experience throughout the buying process means having opportunities to create content that can be shared as social media.

Brilliant insight on the evolution of social marketing.

Still not confident about ‘social media marketing’? Do this…

I still speak with Directors, marketers, so-called consultants, and new startup entrepreneurs who are confused by hyped strategy and a ton of options when it comes to social media marketing…

To really understand social media, new marketers and seasoned directors find it helpful to first grasp the following dynamic of the web’s evolution: Read More

Video Marketing Tips – My Favorite Video Marketing Software

video marketing softwareThis from Josh Bartlett:

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Online Marketing Productivity Super-Tip

Fellow online marketer,

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Social Buzz – How important is it? And where can you get some?

I haven’t been this excited about a marketing service application since…. I can’t even remember.

Let me set the scene here:

First, if you are curious about social media marketing, or social buzz, but don’t quite know what all the fuss is about or if you should fuss about it, then take a few moments right now to watch these super cool and important videos:

VIDEO 1: Social Media Revolution – Is Social Media A Fad?

[tubepress tags=”false” video=”sIFYPQjYhv8″]

VIDEO 2: Social Media in Plain English – What it really means…

[tubepress tags=”false” video=”MpIOClX1jPE”]

Ok, now that we’re on the same page I can continue my story:

Over the past couple months I have been tyre-kicking about a dozen software applications that promise automagic hordes of targeted traffic to my website sent on autopilot for all of eternity.

Surprise surprise that not only have the applications turned out not to be what I was promised, but some of them have consumed large portions of my day with the endless frustrations of settings, software bugs, time-outs, updates, etc.

Then I saw a webinar with Charles Heflin as one of the key speakers.

Charles is someone I learned SEO from back in the early days. So his credibility was enough to give me more than just a mere glimmer of hope. Like a manic-depressive I was up in the clouds again, elated by this newly released service that Charles would describe on the webinar.

And frankly, although the content made sense, the presentation was not fantastic. They certainly could benefit from using my copywriting and marketing services to help them better present how significant their new system is.

But none the less, so significant is what they presented that I can now close the chapter on my weeks of research and testing, because I’ve finally found the one thing I’ve been looking for.

Here’s the skinny:

  • SEO now depends on more than just on-site optimisation along with various backlinks. High search engine rankings depends on community experience and social proof.
  • That social proofing now comes via the social networks and social media sites, which Google is now using to rank sites.
  • But getting Social Buzz has, until now, been extremely time consuming, and more than just a bit hit-and-miss.
  • Charles Heflin’s team has once again innovated a contribution to SEO, and now far beyond SEO, for today’s ‘socialised’ web.
  • The new system called Synnd will, dare I say it… automagically draw targeted traffic to your website, whilst increasing your search engine rankings, and do 90% of it on auto-pilot.

If traffic generation is one of the constraints of your online business success, then Synnd will be one of the most important additions to your marketing program.

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Marketing Guide for Therapists and One-to-One Trainers

Marketing for therapists and one-to-one trainers can be a daunting task, yet crucial to build a strong and successful practice.

Too often I’ve met the nicest and most caring therapists, but they’re kind of just getting by with their practice…

  • Unsure about how to approach marketing effectively.
  • Don’t feel they have enough time to dedicate to promotion.
  • Perhaps uncomfortable with self-promotion.
  • And maybe spending a bit too much time with clients without getting paid.

Simply put, not enough clients.

Therapists and trainers are often great at building rapport in person and this strength can be translated to their marketing activity.

I’ve just published a new guide for therapists and one-to-one trainers on rapport-based marketing.

If you are a qualified or aspiring therapist and keen on enhancing your promotional activity, put my guide to the test and let me know how you get on.

Therapy Practice Marketing Guide for Therapists and Trainers