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Category Archives for "4. Conversion"

Event Marketing

Event Marketing Turn your campaign into an event that captures the imagination of your audience, and… …hooks them into every new twist and turn of your gripping campaign… making them eager to receive your messages in anticipation of the ‘big event’ — whether it be a seminar, new product release, summer sale bonanza, or service […]

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B2C Consumer Promotions

B2C – Align With Your Customer Consumer marketing must take full advantage of subtle psychological triggers to raise your offer above the competition… you need captivating copy that overcomes buying resistance and strengthens brand affinity. Get copy that pushes every emotional hot button of your target audience to trump the competition. You might think that […]

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Email Copywriter – Early Career Samples

I started writing email copy back in 1996. In 2009 I took a position as Head of Marketing for an Email Service Provider that auto-magically segmented and broadcast emails where even the images were personalised… Email Copywriting Samples Today, an email copywriter must take a very strategic approach of considering the full multi-channel touchpoints in […]

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London UK Copywriter

As a Brit… …having worked with ad agencies, including as a copywriter, and in the marketing sector promoting email marketing services… …any well trained US copywriter would be forgiven for thinking that I have no clue about direct response copywriting. The reality is, I have studied from the same greats just as you have. The […]

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Copywriters in the Health Field

Health Field Copywriter reveals an early turning point memory… As a 5 year old wanna-be health field copywriter… I stood before my father’s superman poster at his alternative health clinic in London UK. Looking up at that mighty super hero, I wasn’t sure I was smart enough to understand the caption. But with all my […]

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